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New ground of Divorce - Supreme Court

Posted On : July 27, 2017
There are many ground for divorce as stated in the Hindu marriage Act as amended up to date, but the Supreme Court has allowed one additional ground of divorce which is a very Welcome approach and upholds the BAR of INDIAN CULTURE. In INDIA marriage is not between two persons only but it is between two families. It is expected that the couple will take care of each other parents as their own parents which is unlike in other foreign countries where the children leave their parents to die in old age keeping their parents aloof from the love of the children and off springs and are left to die at OLD AGE HOMES at that age when they most require it as because the old age of the parents in considered to be the childhood of the parents. The parents at the ir young change NEVER DISREGARDED OR ABANDONED their children when they needed their parents and now at OLD AGE THEY ARE BEING DISCARDED AND DISREGARDED. The Apex Court has held that if a Wife forces her husband to leave his parents then it can be treated as a valid ground for divorce and separation.
Written By :
Vedant Lakhotia

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