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Cheque Bounce Notice

Cheque Bounce Notice A cheque is a bill of exchange which is payable on demand. There are two parties in a transaction, the person who issues the cheque is known as the drawer, whereas the person under whose favour the cheque is issued is known as the drawee. A cheque bounce is a situation in which the cheque cannot be processed because of the insufficient funds that are available in an individual’s bank account. There are many reasons which can lead to a cheque bounce. To overcome such scenarios, the drawee issues a cheque bounce notice or a demand notice to the drawer. The Cheque bounce notice states that if the amount due is not paid within the prescribed time, and then the drawee will initiate legal proceedings under section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act 1881 against the drawer.  According to section 13 of the Negotiable Instruments Act 1881, a negotiable instrument means a bill of exchange, promissory note, or a cheque. The cheques are governed under the Read More

Rent Deference During the Pandemic

Rent Deference During the Pandemic The Coronavirus pandemic has prompted the nation to its most jarring standstill in a long time, and most governments and companies are still figuring out different ways to deal with the sudden halt of global supply chains. The lockdown has slowed down markets, factory operations and several businesses, affecting employment and source of income of many. Rental agreements Rental agreements in India are the most common types of agreements as India being one of the most populated countries, does not have enough resources and utilities per capita. People here work by renting places, and most of the outstation employees, workers and students who come to work and study also prefer to stay in a rented flat. It is important and always advisable that property-related deals shall be secured through legally binding agreements on the parties involved. It does not matter that Read More

Bois Locker Room- Another Ugly face of Cyber Crime

Neha Roy

BOIS LOCKER ROOM-ANOTHER UGLY FACE OF CYBER CRIME Respecting women has always hung heavy on our generation, hasn’t it? The latest incident is enough to showcase the misogyny embedded in the heads of lecherous teens. On May 3, an Instagram group chats of some teenager boys with the name “boislockerroom” got public were they were found exchanging pictures of girls, making inappropriate comments and objectifying them. Those boys are from Delhi and nothing makes me more sad than this that they were from well education background. We talk about education solving problems and this is what well educated and our upcoming generations are doing. This incident came to light after a girl from South Delhi made the screenshots public on social media exposing the group. The leaked screenshots witness school boys sharing photos of underage girls, degrading them and also planning gang rapes. So, basically rape is just a word for those teenage boys. This group is active since Read More

Post Covid-19 digital shift of legal practice

Post Covid-19 digital shift of legal practice After the breakdown of Covid-19 in the country, it has almost been two months, that people are locked in their houses and are either working from home or working through using digital modes like video conferencing, zoom calls and WhatsApp calls to connect with their bosses, employers and other co-workers. In such a scenario, when people can’t go out to work, digitalization is playing a major and effective role. It is the requirement and as well as the only way through which India’s economy can grow in this stagnant situation.   Legal fraternity Every profession is doing its best to control the crisis, but only a few of them are able to control it. Once this pandemic is over, everything from our lifestyle to eating habits will change. Life, as we know it, will change. Under such circumstances, one can only use this pandemic to challenge themselves and use this opportunity to bring a positive change in society. Read More

COVID 19 and its impact on Indian economy

Neha Roy

COVID 19 AND ITS IMPACT ON INDIAN ECONOMY   What is COVID 19? COVID 19 or Corona Virus disease is an infective disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-COV-2). This disease was first identified in Wuhan, capital of China and since then had spread worldwide creating a pandemic situation. There are millions of cases reported and has caused numerous death. The symptoms of Corona virus include fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, fatigue and can even lead to multi organ failure and bluish skin. This virus is spread when people come in contact, sneeze or talk with each other. People may also get infected by touching a contaminated object and then touching their face. The virus may survive on surface for more than 72 hours. Thereby it is recommended that every individual should frequently wash their hands and should not keep touching their face. People should maintain social distance and should follow that. Also, wearing Read More

Insurance Cover and COVID 19

Neha Roy

Insurance Cover and Corona Virus The world is facing a critical situation right now. Every individual is facing risk of their lives. The ongoing COVID 19 also known as Corona Virus has been a challenge for everyone. This pandemic situation also raised a question among all that whether workers compensation insurance cover Corona Virus. Let us discuss the situation in this blog. Will Workers Compensation Insurance Cover Corona Virus? According to the Industrial Insurance Act, treatment of COVID 19 can be allowed in case work- related activity led to the probable exposure of virus. There are certain criteria that needs to be fulfilled. ·        Was there an increased risk of catching the infection due to the workplace ·        Was there any possibility of catching the infection if it was not the workplace ·        If the workers Read More

How Police Interrogation Works

How Police Interrogation Works  Police interrogation is a part of the police investigation. When an accused is brought under the police custody either in cognizable offence or non-cognizable offence, the Police has the right to question the accused. It helps the Police to know about the essential facts and truths of the incident so that a case can be solved easily.  Rights during Police Interrogation ·        According to Section 161 (1) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the accused is advised to not make any statement or answer any question which may prove that the accused is guilty of the offence. ·        The Police are not entitled to force the accused to make any sentence which later can be used as a piece of evidence against the accused. ·        Section 24 of the Indian Evidence Act and section 316 of the Code of Criminal Read More

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements  A prenuptial agreement is an official document which is signed by twoindividuals before getting married. The primarypurpose of aprenuptial agreement is to settle financial matters in advance. The agreements are used to separate the personal debts and assets of one individual from his/her future spouse. This type of agreement includes the provisions relating to the division of properties, investments, alimony and any other monetary and possession-based negotiations. The introduction of the prenuptial agreement is a foreign concept. In India, marriage is considered as a sacrament, and hence the concept of the prenuptial agreement is not welcomed in the Indian society. The prenuptial agreement does not have any specified format. The content of the prenuptial agreement differs from agreement to agreement,as it depends upon the spouses. The entire concept of a prenuptial agreement is complicated in India. The main purpose of the prenuptial agreement is to decide Read More

Electronic Judicial System - The Future Forward

Shreyash Mohta

 In my current blog, I shall discuss and explain the value addition which The Indian Judicial System will have if it moved forward to ‘Digitization’.  We have seen a lot of countries opt for the digital judiciary and even India has started adopting the same. However, such welcome steps are scarce and there is more lip talking than actual work being done on the ground level.  Let us start by understanding the concept The very concept of converting The Traditional Indian Judicial system to E-Judiciary is a modernized step to convert all paperwork into electronic form which can be stored, viewed, transferred, accessed and used from anywhere in the globe.  While all other portfolios have taken ‘one small step is a big leap for mankind’  of a step, befriending with improvised technology and to use it in various form so as to help their work, it is just ‘Law and Order’ which hasn’t even bothered to explore the mammoth advantages technology can Read More

Right to Information & The Collegium System in India

Shreyash Mohta

 In my recent blog, I shall deal with the burning issue of ‘Collegium System’ to be brought under the scope and purview of The Right to Information (RTI) Act. My blog shall discuss about the following topics as mentioned below in chronological order.  1.     ‘Collegium System’ – Introduction & Working 2.     The Three Judges Case – Evolution of the ‘Collegium System’ 3.     The CPIO v. Subhash Chandra Agarwal  4.     View of the Supreme Court 5.     Conclusion  ‘Collegium System’ – Introduction & Working Let us start by understanding what exactly the ‘Collegium System’ is all about.  This system is an ‘opaque system’, the function of which is to deal with the following decisions as listed below: -  1.     Appointment / Elevation of Judges or Read More

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