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What and how Property Lawyers do their job

What’s real estate law all about? What's it that real estate lawyers do and how do they do it? These are the queries that pop up in one’s mind as one gets initiated in the real estate business and the only way one can get answers to these questions is by seeking advice. Oftentimes even after paying a couple of lakhs of rupees as a down payment on a flat, that is under construction the builder or developer does not start construction work on the plea that due to unforeseen circumstances, the construction work had to be withheld. A few months could very well have elapsed and the work may be pending. At this point, the developer/builder may be asked by the homeowner to clarify matters. Once the seemingly lackadaisical attitude of the developer is noticeable heated arguments may ensue followed by threats of a possible lawsuit by the homebuyer. The threat of a lawsuit is a deterrent for the contractor/builder who may retaliate by waiving off suing rights by signing one of the legal documents. Subsequently, the contractor who was unresponsive and had bolted would take the initiative of contacting the homebuyer. The homebuyer may ask the contractor to share copies of all relevant documents. If there is documentary evidence of waiving off suing rights amongst other rights then, in that case, it gets complicated, someone with little or no experience at all in real estate law ought to refer the case to an expert real-estate lawyer after providing initial legal advice.   Real estate laws, rules, and regulations Through networking, the extent of involvement in these matters is transparent. One may realize how real estate laws, rules, and regulations may affect one's daily lives. It can be intriguing knowing what is it that the real estate lawyers exactly do and more importantly how? The answer partially is - there are real estate law courses that qualify them to practice real estate law. Call 7604047601 for consultation with registered expert property lawyers on Vidhikarya.

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Avik Chakravorty

3 days ago

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India’s arguably generous maternity law benefits m...

In India, working mothers-to-be are far better-of than most of their peers in the developed world, however, the country’s maternity laws are archaic. A year or two ago, the country passed the Maternity (Amendment) Bill aimed at working women and their right to paid maternity leave from 12 weeks to 26 weeks which is the world’s third-highest. There is a no-win situation nonetheless — the law is meant for companies with a headcount of at least ten employees which is just a minuscule proportion of the working women of India.This limitation in maternity benefits is an upshot of the desire of the elite of India to merely mimic policies that are both purposed and executed in the West, without any sort of fine-tuning suiting Indian conditions. The maternity bill is an exemplary bill – phantom legislation that passes laws that don't have and in all probability will not be as effective as required. Progress or that one is doing something is an illusion, and is given, but the reality is something else. There is an ideological dimension to the law which is a part and parcel of what the Indian elite believes is good, just, and prestigious in communities transcending boundaries.Symbol of progressCanada and Norway are the only two countries, with GDPs per capita of 27 and 47 times higher than India’s, respectively, provide protracted maternity leaves in comparison with India. The moot point, however, isn’t the perception of generosity, but how the law is applied.It was estimated that the vast majority of Indian women shun work. While on the one hand the unorganized sector is comprised of over 80% of women working for companies with an employee headcount of less than ten. On the other hand, the organized sector comprises of 16% women workers, who do informal work, where the maternity law is not applicable.A more realistic assumption would be that a meagre 20% of the females work in the organized sector, then the law is potentially applicable to simply 1.3% of the workforce, or not even 1% of all females.Considering these off-the-cuff calculations, the unanswered question is why would India deplete its invaluable resources on ratifying a law that is applicable to a minuscule section of its growing population.Call 7604047601 for consultation with a registered expert maternity lawyer on Vidhikarya.

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Avik Chakravorty

6 days ago

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Siddartha S Ramachandra

(See Reviews)


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: Founder and principal

Practicing Court

: Bengaluru


: Karnataka, Bangalore

State Bar Council

: Karnataka

Reviews & Ratings(View Reviews)

Adv.S.R.Siddartha an Advocate Practicing Passed in the year 2007 August a protégé from S.J.M Law College, Chitradurga from Kuvempu University We firmly believe and we are accomplished litigators help in rendering our dedication to providing outstanding client service.”

Professional Summary

S.R.Siddartha & Associates - a law firm based in BENGALURU, having it’s offices to support its clientele base in NEW DELHI & KOLKOTA

“We firmly believe and we are accomplished litigators help in rendering our dedication to providing outstanding client service.”


Our primary practice focuses on Arbitration matters, Consumer disputes, civil, criminal, property & suit for recovery litigation at both the trial and appellate levels. We have worked in a range of diverse areas, including family law , criminal law, government investigations, consumer fraud, employment discrimination, products liability, and business and tort litigation Adv Siddartha  has handled proceedings in various state and district and high courts, as well as alternative dispute resolution. We have represented clients in regulatory matters before various agencies, including the has developed extensive experience in criminal law and Human rights litigation and regulatory counseling, including representation of businesses or entities in the entertainment, agricultural, food production, educational and research spaces whose operations involve products or services.

Adv.Siddartha has acted as a member of national counsel teams in major products liability and personal injury cases, motor vehical case. he has experience in all aspects of civil litigation, including discovery, class actions, motions practice, settlement negotiations, arbitration, trial and appeal also has extensive experience in managing large scale cases in various jurisdictions.

In addition to litigation, he frequently advises and his counsels as well as  clients on employment and workplace policies and procedures, records and information management, e-discovery, and issues regarding Human-rights and. has experience in litigation crisis management, including clients’ responses to the media in connection with high profile litigation.

With over a decade of experience, have handled complex commercial, employment and regulatory cases at all levels of the legal system. He has conducted numerous jury and bench trials in both state courts, and administrative hearings CAT Courts also has more than 11.4 years’ experience in employment law and has handled discrimination claims in state court, with several precedent-setting cases.

We are well averse acted and represented

Matrimonial Law :-

Divorce,Nullity,Maintainence,Domestic violenc, 125 of Cr.P.C proceedings & RCR, Alimony.

Property Law

I have long-standing relationships with key players in the real estate market and our focus on innovative solutions to real estate issues have enabled us to represent major banks, financial institutions, real estate companies and individual in transactions involving construction, mortgages, debentures, loans and mezzanine financing related to land as well as leases of industrial, commercial and residential properties. Many of the realty transactions that we handle are extremely complex and present a variety of challenges.

I have advised on matters such as:

Ø Title search of any immovable scheduled property from the year 1954 to till date about the series of transactions with respect to all the revenue matters.

Ø Drafting and reviewing of construction and asset management contracts for a securitisation exercise

Ø Drafting and reviewing various security documents such as all monies open mortgages, deed of assignment of rental proceeds and debentures

Ø Commercial and residential development projects for listed property developers involving several hundred units

Ø Alternate Dispute Resolution

Ø The Dispute Resolution practice of conducts a wide array of contentious and non-contentious work in multiple jurisdictions in India which are primarily in New Delhi, Bengaluru & Kolkota, and engage in both domestic and international arbitration matters.

Ø Banking, finance, securities and brokerage disputes

Ø Contractual disputes

Ø Insurance

Ø Property and construction disputes

Ø Economic Offences

Banking & Finance

Our Banking and Finance Practice is mostly governed by SARFAESI Act & the norms of the Bankruptacy and Insolvency code provides advice on a wide range of banking and financial services. We understand our clients' goals and are able to adapt our approach and recommendations, and model innovative arrangements or entire financial structures to obtain optimal solutions. We provide advice to leading financial institutions on banking issues, capital markets transactions, mergers and acquisitions and securities regulatory matters. We represent a broadly based and diversified number of providers and consumers of credit around the world, advising our clients in complex financing transactions. In light of the unique risk-oriented nature of a financial institution's business and the highly regulated environment in which it operates, we recognise the importance of providing timely and seamless services. No complex financing transaction occurs in isolation. In many cases, complexities will arise due to the structuring of acquisitions, the creation of holding companies, , restructuring and insolvency or real estate issues. We believe in an interdisciplinary team approach to meeting a client's transactional and advisory needs.

Clients access to legal services in markets throughout India. The firm's advocates represent a range of clients, including multinational corporations as well as NBFC’s and Small Finance Banks in with operations well as businesses seeking to establish investments also can leverage its global platform to facilitate indian -based companies' entry into markets in the The firm's attorneys have strong relationships with the business community in

Range of Services


Experience in the suits filed under section 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act, and well averse with matters regarding to release, custody, Seizure and Bail matters relating to Cr.P.C & IPC.

having a hands-on experience in Criminal & Money Recovery suits.

Ø executing the risk management, operational obligations with sheer due diligence according to the company laws and procedures in the regulatory standards.

Ø Have  drafted various lease agreements, distributor agreements, approving product claims, interacting with Food & Drug Administration authorities, identifying legal compliances for new business opportunities for KSFC's subsidiaries.

Ø Filing cases and appearing in courts as Constituted Attorney of the company. Liasoning, briefing and interacting with the counsels over legal cases pending in the various courts.

Ø Handling all labour related, MRTP and Consumer matters 

Liasoning and handling all action against counterfeiters and lookalike products 

drafting various agreements, notices, affidavits, Criminal Petitions, Appeals, Revision

Ø Applications, various civil suits, money matters, complaints u/s 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act 

Ø Litigation and dispute management including civil and criminal cases (PFA, Weights & measures, Drugs & Cosmetics), money recovery, taxation issues, Property matters. Labour issues, consumer issues, Competition tracking, Anti-Trust and anti-counterfeiting. Business advisory and support to Sales, Customer Service, Supply Chain, Water and Out of Home 

By rendering the appropriate Legal recourse and the consequential reliefs to the clients at the best practices

Expertise In

Primary Expertise

Category Experience(in years) Cases Remarks
Criminal 11 years 32 in the context of IPC matters
Domestic Violence 11 years 48 D,V,,maintainence
Documentation 11 years 387 entire LSR Reporting and preparing of all kinds of legal aspects
Arbitration and Mediation 11 years 21 Assisted in Arb
Banking 11 years 231 Acted on behalf of small finance banks,NBFC
Contracts and Agreements 11 years 65 Most of the contracts in the domain of national and international
Divorce 11 years 109 all unilateral/contested

Secondary Expertise

Expertise In


Experience 11 years

Number of Cases 32

in the context of IPC matters

Domestic Violence

Experience 11 years

Number of Cases 48



Experience 11 years

Number of Cases 387

entire LSR Reporting and preparing of all kinds of legal aspects

Arbitration and Mediation

Experience 11 years

Number of Cases 21

Assisted in Arb


Experience 11 years

Number of Cases 231

Acted on behalf of small finance banks,NBFC

Contracts and Agreements

Experience 11 years

Number of Cases 65

Most of the contracts in the domain of national and international


Experience 11 years

Number of Cases 109

all unilateral/contested

Practicing Court Name


Sessions Court


High Court


District Court

Bengaluru,Chitradurga,Chennai,Agartala-West Manipur state

Family Court




Chief Judicial Magistrate



Kuvempu University

Other Info

No. of juniors with me


Size of my team


No. of intern work per year


Other Legal Experience based in new delhi

Associate/Partner in a Law firm

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Advocate High Court
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