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About VidhiKarya

Vidhi: (विधि) Sanskrit term which means LAW
Karya: (कार्य) Sanskrit term which means WORK

Vidhikarya is an endeavour to help individuals and organizations to get their legal work done in a cost effective and swift manner. We all understand that legal work or any legal matter is a bit complex and tedious and we all would like to focus on other aspects of our life and business rather than on the legal matters. At the same time legal matters are of utmost importance that cannot be left unattended.

Vidhikarya understands the needs of people and its clients as well as criticality of the legal matters and thus it has established itself in such a way that the clients’ matters or cases are kept at a pedestal which garners all importance and dedication from its Advocates. Our dedicated team of Lawyers work under the simple philosophy – “Client and its interest first.”

India is a vast country and its socioeconomic fabric is made up of myriad threads of multiple colours, each having its own distinct feature. People across the width and breadth of the country have variable needs and understanding of law and legal structure. Keeping all these in mind we have created a pan India Law Firm which can cater to individuals’ legal needs.

We have Partners from across the country, covering major cities, who bring in varied experience in multiple domains of the law. Keeping the cultural and social ethos of Indians across the nation we have built our team to cater to all people from different states and cities. The firm runs on the basic principle that “common people must have access to justice” and justice should not be accessible only to the riches of the society.


These are our basic tenets and guiding principle to deliver the best possible legal services to our clients regardless of their background. We shall always endeavour to rise to the situations to provide the much-needed legal support and services to the common people of India.
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