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Will Lawyers
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What is a Will?

Will is a legal document, also known as a testament, where the maker expresses the dispersal/ distribution of his/ her property after death. Maker of the will is called a testator and the people in whose favour such a will is drafted is called the executor. Like a contract, the legal requirements of making a will also involve free will, knowledge of facts, registration, etc. A will in itself may not be of any help for the testator since it comes into force after his/ her death. But when a person dies after making a will, it saves his/ her survivors from a lot of trouble regarding the inheritance of property owned by such deceased person. It is beneficial to have an advocate for making will that is concrete in what it conveys.


Will Lawyers in India

On this page, there is a list of advocates for making will associated with Vidhikarya. If you are a person who wants your property to be distributed among your family members or someone close after your soul departs the body, will is the way to secure such a wish. An advocate for making will shall understand the requirements and thereby help draft one whereby there is no discrepancy or doubt left and also no scope for a further fight over the property distribution. Also, when someone has died leaving behind a will and there is some gap affecting rights of some close relatives, they can also challenge such will through property advocates in India or lawyer for will. Interpreting such gaps before the court of law hinting towards some fraud or coercion, if so is the case, is the role played by will lawyers.


Questions for Property Will Lawyer


Q- Do you need a lawyer to make a will in India?

A- There is no legal mandate to have an advocate for making will in India. One can write a will on his/ her own since there is prior knowledge of all the property owned. One can also write a will and get it registered with the help of registration lawyers. The importance of property will lawyer is that such a legal professional knows which words have relevance in the court of law and how use of a certain vocabulary might make it a subject to challenge later. To avoid such discrepancies which ultimately break the original idea of having property distributed amicably among certain people after death, it is recommended to hire an advocate for making will.


Q- How to write a will in India?

A- If you are planning to have a will which clarifies the disposal of your property after death, it is time to contact will lawyers in India. It is better to avoid involvement of family lawyers due to property disputes after one’s death. You need to provide them with the information of all the property in your name, the way such property needs to be distributed, and identification of the people in whose name such transfers need to be made. Registration of will is not mandatory as per the applicable laws. But registration of will is recommended, while it still remains challengeable in the court.


Q- What should I discuss with a property will lawyer?

A- While consulting regarding property disposal after my death, I would contact a lawyer for will near me. I need to make a list of properties owned by me and also a list of what property goes in whose name. With the help of an advocate for making will, a document has to be prepared which clearly manifests my plan of property distribution.


Q- How much does a will cost in India?

A- The cost of will shall include the will lawyer fees and registration fees (which varies for different states). There is no stamp duty costs for a will. The amount of will lawyer's fees shall also be different based on their experience and subject matter expertise of such lawyers.

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