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International Lawyers

The concept of International laws is a bit tricky because the matter has already crossed the nation borders. What may seem easy and foreseen within the borders may become troublesome just because the jurisdiction has changed. For legal matters of such complexity, International lawyers are needed. An Indian International law firm may be of great help for legal assistance, whether it is a matter of private or public international law.

The jurisdiction of laws in International context can be decided mutually when it is about two companies located in two different countries and indulging in trade with each other. Recent examples of evacuation of Indians from several countries due to  exigencial circumstances is an International law instance of India’s Foreign Policy. The escape of Vijay Mallya from charges of financial crimes in India and his stay in the United Kingdom is also another loophole in International law and Indian policy. Hence, the subject is vast and International lawyers in India can better explain.

International Laws in India

India is a sovereign country which has its own domestic laws. However, the Constitution of India through Article 246 with Entry 14 List 1 empowered the Union Government with legislating over international treaties, conventions etc. Also, the Article 253 provides for the government implementing international agreements, treaties or conventions in whole or any part of India through laws.

Apart from the Legislature, the Judiciary has also referred to the International laws in the absence of any municipal law while dealing with matters. One such example is Vishaka and Others vs. State of Rajasthan and Others (AIR 1997 SC 3011). The judgment proved as the foundation stone for the advent of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Protection and Redressal) Act, 2013.

International Lawyers in India

When matters have international elements in legal context while the subjects are located in India, Indian International lawyers are required. If you have a matter, contact India International law firm for legal assistance. Given below is the list of International lawyers in India who may help with consultation of legal matters. Indian International Law Firm has legal experts who can be contacted for understanding the contexts and also for representing in another country or the platforms of International Organisations.

FAQs for International Lawyers in India

Q - Who is International lawyer in India?

A- Given below is the list of international lawyers in India. It may be noted that not every practising advocate in India accepts cases which an international lawyer in India may take up. 

Q- Who sets International law?

A- Unlike the domestic law where there is a legislature for making laws, there is no such body at the international platform. Since the parties are sovereign nations, these states themselves decide upon the clauses present in drafts prepared by international lawyers or legal experts. Becoming a party to any treaty or convention is the state's option.   

Q- Which is the law firm in India?

A- International law matters are a bit tricky to discriminate between private and public international laws. An India international law firm is responsible for dealing with matters of both types but mostly when the subject of the matter is an individual, a company or a non-political figure. Since matters related to India as a country are not dealt with by private international lawyers in India but constitutional figures like Solicitor General or Attorney General.

Q- Is International law a good career in India?

A - The career of International lawyers in India depends upon the expertise of the proposed international lawyer in the subject matter. Since knowledge is a prerequisite in the profession of lawyers regardless of the jurisdiction which they take up.

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