Intellectual Property Rights Lawyers

Intellectual Property Rights Lawyers
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Intellectual Property Rights - What is IPR Law in India?

There are several statutes (written laws) related to intellectual property rights in India. Something that comes out of the brains of humans can be understood as intellectual property in simpler terms. And the laws which regulate the rights related to such property are known as Intellectual Property Rights in India. Given below are the statutes that lay definition, extent of rights, safeguard measures and modes of infringement against the original owners of intellectual property:

  • The Copyright Act, 1957
  • Patents Act, 1970
  • Trade Mark Act, 1999
  • The Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection ) Act, 1999
  • The Designs Act, 2000
  • The Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout Design Act, 2000
  • The Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Act, 2001


Intellectual Property as per IPR Laws in India

While cyber crime lawyers also deal with technical law, IPR laws specifically deal with the property that comes through one’s intellect. It is the creation of a particular mind, like a drawing, a scientific invention, a design, a piece of writing. So when someone writes a story and you copy the same portraying in front of the others as your original work, your act hurts the intellectual property rights of such original story writer. In such cases, the Copyright Act, 1957 lays for how the IPR owner can proceed with such infringement. That is where the role of IPR lawyers in India comes into picture.


Intellectual Property Rights Lawyers in India

When a person’s legal right is violated by another, protection is sought through courts whereby advocates play a crucial role. The same applies to IPR lawyers in India. Where there is an infringement of IP rights, the intellectual property rights advocates help with legal representation before the courts of law. The role of IP lawyers in India is to get interim relief to the clients (in the meantime while final decision is awaited). IPR lawyers also have to convince the court in favor of the clients regarding such intellectual property right infringement. Having in-depth technical knowledge of a particular area of intellectual property is the basic skill of expert IP lawyers in India. That is how the intellectual property lawyers fees are deliberated.


FAQs for IP Lawyers in India


Q- What is IPR law in India?

A- The law that protects the rights of creative minds bringing their innovations to reality is known as intellectual property rights law. The very idea behind IPR laws is that the creation of minds must be protected from being benefited by those who copy and all the benefits must be enjoyed by the original owner of such property, at least for a given period.


Q- What does an IP lawyer do in India?

A- When a person’s intellectual property rights are infringed, intellectual property lawyers in India help with the legal process. Putting a full stop on such infringement and punishing the wrongdoer is enforced through courts of law. The IPR lawyers in India bring this legal process in motion.


Q- How much does an IPR lawyer earn in India?

A- There is no fixed amount in the name of intellectual property lawyer salary in India. In the whole legal fraternity, intellectual property lawyers earn a handsome amount of money. The intellectual properties that are subject to the laws here have the potential to bring a lot of money to the owners based on the rarity of skill/ scale of benefits to mankind, etc. For such reasons, in-depth knowledge of laws and the facts of the events is a must for intellectual property rights lawyers in India while dealing with a legal matter before the court.


Q- How to become an Intellectual Property lawyer in India?

A- Any law graduate is eligible to become an IPR lawyer in India. However, to survive as an IPR advocate in India, one should have in-depth knowledge of intellectual properties. Specific knowledge of patents or trademarks helps the legal professionals leave a mark in their field of practice.

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