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Divorce Lawyers in India

The essential requirement for divorce in India is the solemnization of marriage. While searching for divorce lawyer in India online, one should stay informed about certain legal pointers. People often ask ‘why should I search for a divorce lawyer near me?’ The answer is the significance of location and jurisdiction. It is always good to seek advice from a nearby divorce lawyer since they will be responsible for carrying forward your matter in the suitable family court.

Marriage and Divorce Concept in India

Since ages, Indian society considers marriage as a crucial social institution. Parents as well as the society want children to marry and begin with their social obligations by starting their own family. Finding a life partner for a lifetime is paramount and not everyone’s company goes perfect. The inceptive objective of happily ever after comes to a point of seizure for some couples.

In India, there is a lack of a uniform civil code. Thus, concepts of family, particularly marriage and divorce in India are governed by personal laws. Hence, Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 applies if both husband and wife are Hindu, Shariyat law governs marriage between Muslims, etc. Muslim laws are a bit different when it comes to marriage and divorce. It is thus advisable to parties to seek Muslim Law lawyers expertise for better understanding. Parties who marry as per the rules laid in Special Marriage Act, 1954, divorce also takes place as per the Act. To understand the laws applicable and commence proceedings, parties should contact divorce lawyers in India. 

Divorce advocate helps the parties to a marriage to understand the legal aspects interconnected with divorce. The husband or wife is required to share personal information and the point of dispute with their divorce lawyer in India. They may also contact a free consultation divorce lawyer before proceeding with filing divorce matters.

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One should know that divorce through mutual consent happens when both husband and wife agree for termination of marriage. But things might get ugly if one of the parties to marriage wants to continue while the other wants to end the marriage. There are certain legal grounds on which divorce in India can be successfully sought for one party.

Divorce Lawyer in India

The list of Vidhikarya divorce lawyers in India has been provided below. Location is important for deciding the jurisdiction in legal matters. Procedure of the court should be understood with the help of divorce lawyers online. If both husband and wife agree to end their marriage, parties can also contact a mutual divorce lawyer in India. Matters related to divorce in India are argued in the family courts.

Important Aspects for Divorce Lawyer in India

Parties are advised to have a detailed discussion with family lawyers in India before proceeding with divorce. It is not just the end of the marriage. Financial obligations like maintenance and alimony are also accompanied with it. If the couple has one or more children, approaching lawyers for child custody in India.

Divorce Lawyer in India FAQs

Q- Who is the divorce lawyer near me?

A- If you are looking for the divorce lawyer in India, you should be aware that this profession depends more on case facts and the expertise of the advocate in the subject. Discussing the matter with divorce lawyers in India is advisable to decide accordingly.

Q- Is online divorce possible in India?

A- There are Indian legal firms and other platforms which help through divorce lawyers online. Parties should have expert legal services whereby filing and other things are decided online. For divorce in India, parties have to ultimately appear before family courts as required.

Q- What are the rules for divorce in India?

A- To understand the process, one should find divorce lawyers in India. The process in general includes filing the suit in family court. Both sides of the story are heard by the judge after which a decision is made as per the applicable legal provisions.

Q- How do I choose a divorce lawyer in India? Should I go for divorce lawyers near me?

A- To finalize your divorce lawyer, it is advisable to have a thorough discussion of your matter. Location is important since a divorce lawyer in another city may take up your case as a divorce advocate but may not be able to handle the same as efficiently if he does not practice in the same court. Hire divorce advocate in Chennai if your marriage was held there or you have been residing in Chennai after marriage.

Q- Is one sided divorce possible?

A- Yes. when both the parties do not agree for the divorce, there are certain grounds provided under the applicable marriage and divorce laws that allow one of the parties to file for divorce.

Q- How much does a divorce lawyer cost?

A- The  lawyer fees in India for divorce fluctuates as per the experience of divorce advocates. It will also depend upon the lawyer’s success rate, case facts and nature of divorce whether it is contested or mutual divorce.

Q- What if the husband denies divorce in India?

A- In case the husband refuses to divorce his wife, the applicable personal laws usually grant the wife certain grounds on which divorce can be demanded in the court of law.

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