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VIDHIKARYA Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement

Effective Date: 25th February, 2015

You as a registered Lawyer with VIDHIKARYA agree to abide by the provisions of Confidentiality and Non-disclosure agreement which are enumerated below;

1. This agreement is between Vidhikarya and registered Lawyer (You) to ensure that You, when engaged by a client to perform a legal service, maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the client with utmost care.

2. While maintaining the confidentiality, You will abide by all the applicable local laws of the jurisdiction and in no situation, unless the law warrants to do so, will divulge any information of the client which can invade client’s privacy in any manner.

3. You will take all precautionary measures to ensure that all personal information and all personally identifiable information shared by the client, through Vidhikarya in the due course of getting the legal services, are not shared with any one for any cause, be it commercial or otherwise.

4. If You who have obtained/received any kind of personal information and all personally identifiable information of a client then You will not disclose the information to any third party for any commercial purpose.

5. You unconditionally agree that in case of any breach of privacy of a client by You, You will be held liable and also agree that You will indemnify the client and Vidhikarya in case of any claims arising out of your act or omission leading to such privacy breach.

6. Providing indemnity of breach of privacy by you does not prejudice other legal remedies available to the Client. The Client, may on its own or though Vidhikarya initiate any legal proceedings against you for breach of privacy.

7. You expressly agree that you will notify Vidhikarya as soon as you come to know or suspect a potential breach of privacy or have knowledge of actual breach.

8. In case of any doubt or clarification You may raise your concern through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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