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Lawyers in Kolkata
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Legal experts or Advocates in Kolkata are required when there is a legal action to be taken by or against a person or organisation. It may be a matter of personal laws, property, matters of civil or criminal nature, etc. Lawyers in Kolkata may be consulted for free legal advice, be hired for representation in a particular case or such related reasons. For any matter, expert lawyers in Kolkata may be of great help since legal matters can not be taken up casually. Given below is the list of Vidhikarya Kolkata lawyers who can be consulted conveniently.

Property Lawyer in Kolkata

If you are searching for lawyers in Kolkata for property matters, you may find plenty in the list hereby. Property lawyers in Kolkata help their clients with matters that involve the question of ownership or possession of any particular land or otherwise.

Criminal Lawyers in Kolkata

Kolkata lawyers dealing with matters related to criminal laws help their clients with the legal aspect of facts. The client here may be a victim for whom lawyers in Kolkata play the role of prosecution. It may be the accused as well whereby the lawyer in Kolkata plays the defence. Expert criminal lawyers in Kolkata High Court mainly assist in questions of law or bail matters.

Divorce Lawyers in Kolkata

Divorce has become a normal concept in Indian society as well. Top divorce lawyers in Kolkata help their clients with mutual consent divorce or contested one, as the case may be. Matters are governed by personal laws of the parties and hence, the divorce lawyer in Kolkata needs subject matter expertise.

Banking Lawyers in Kolkata

Banks are an inevitable part of this modern world. Find lawyers phone numbers in Kolkata for matters related to the banking sector and get your queries resolved. Connect with loan settlement lawyers in Kolkata to understand the legal side apart from technical.

Civil Lawyers in Kolkata

Matters that are not criminal in nature are dealt with by Kolkata lawyers for civil matters. Connect with experienced civil lawyers in Kolkata for matters related to anything that is not there in the criminal laws. Get free legal advice from advocates in Kolkata, consultation, representation, etc.

Cheque Bounce Lawyers in Kolkata

If you are searching for a lawyer for cheque bounce case in Kolkata, you may find a number of such advocates here. Kolkata lawyers for cheque bounce help proceed with the legal process from the drawer or payee’s side.

FAQs for Lawyers in Kolkata

Q- How to find a good lawyer in Kolkata?

A- If you are looking for expert lawyers in Kolkata, have a look below. Here is the list of Kolkata lawyers practising in various specialised matters.

Q- Who is the No.1 female lawyer in Kolkata?

A- Given below is the list of lawyers in Kolkata, both males and females. If a female Kolkata lawyer is particularly required, they can be contacted accordingly from the list below. The lawyer in Kolkata High Court may not be a perfectionist in all matters but there are some areas of expertise.

Q- What do lawyers in Kolkata do?

A- Kolkata lawyers are responsible for dealing with legal matters in courts and otherwise for their clients. Mainly, the experienced criminal lawyers in Kolkata High Court represent their clients before the judges, be it prosecution or defence. Similarly, experienced civil lawyers in Kolkata represent and assist their clients in civil matters in Kolkata respectively.

Q- Who is the highest paid lawyer in Kolkata?

A- Lawyer fees in Kolkata vary based on the Kolkata lawyer’s experience, success rate, courts they practice in, etc. The expert lawyer in Kolkata High Court may charge way more than those expert lawyers in Kolkata practising in lower courts.

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Advocate Abhimanyu Shandilya

Practice Areas :
Criminal | Anticipatory Bail | Military Laws | Cheque Bounce | Contracts and Agreements |

Advocate Abhradip Jha

Practice Areas :
Family | Administrative Law | Child Custody | Open Source Codes | Sex Crime |