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Lawyers in Delhi
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Lawyers in Delhi

Delhi has the oldest city of India which has great lawyers who are known for their acumen. This city hosts the apex court of India – The Supreme Court, which is the highest authority of judicial power in India. The expertise of Delhi lawyers is known to the people of the city, which has given the lawyers and judges in the world of law. There are many pending cases in the courts as there are many cases being filed in courts of Delhi and as such the Delhi Advocates are quite well equipped with knowledge and skill to handle those number of cases with ease.

On an average there are 300-500 cases being filed per month in every District Court and that is a big reason that Delhi Advocates have developed great skills around all subject matters of the law. Delhi being very unique in the sense that it has provided the unique opportunity to the Lawyers from Delhi to appear in three most important courts of India, i.e., a District Court, High court (the Delhi High Court) and the Supreme Court. This enables Delhi lawyers to greatly and provides them opportunities to move applications and petitions like Appeals and Special Leave Petitions (SLP).

Whenever a person is facing a legal issue in Delhi or NCR he needs to just search and hire a good lawyer from Delhi and can consult any expert Lawyer in Delhi who deals in different aspects of Laws. 

A good and expert lawyer from Delhi knows all about the legal matters and will do the needful to ensure that his client gets the possible relief. The Lawyers from Delhi are known for their acumen, skill and expertise and the clients are quite happy and satisfied with them.

The cases and especially the divorce cases are rising in Delhi and on an average hundreds of cases are being filed every week. If you may ask a civil lawyer in Delhi and he or she will tell you the situation in detail why so many civil, property and child custody cases are being filed every day. If you are looking for Divorce lawyers in Delhi then rest assured that here you can discover the divorce lawyers in Delhi. 

Divorce Lawyers in Delhi

Filing divorce cases is not easy and there are many aspects of divorce which you must know before filing a case in a court. An expert Divorce Lawyer in Delhi can help you explain the entire procedure as well the complexity very professionally and can point out the impacts of different factors which are applicable for you and your marital life.

Property Lawyers in Delhi

Property lawyers are not easy to find and one must be careful while choosing a lawyer in Delhi as these matters can be very complicated and cause a lot of complexities. If you have properties in Delhi and got any legal matters then through Vidhikarya you must reach out to good Property lawyers in Delhi who can help you in the possible way. The property lawyers from Delhi are very well versed with all law and rules of DDA, Delhi Municipal laws and they know how to handle these cases in the courts and tribunals. Delhi Property Lawyers are very good at handling the matters in revenue tribunals as well.

Criminal Lawyers in Delhi

Criminal Lawyers in Delhi are very good with all kinds of criminal cases that are being filed in magistrate courts and sessions courts. These criminal lawyers from Delhi handle matters like bails, POCSO, petty criminal matters, cheque bounce, anticipatory bail, etc. Delhi One can also seek the help of Lawyers from Delhi whenever they feel the need to approach the police to lodge a criminal complaint or FIR. If police are not taking you to complain then you can take the help and guidance of an Advocate from Delhi for this. 

Anticipatory Bail Lawyers in Delhi

If you have received a notice from police or you are apprehending that the police might come and arrest you then you need to immediately talk to an Anticipatory bail lawyer from Delhi who will be instrumental in getting bail from the court.  The apprehension of arrest can be either because someone has lodged a false case or you have heard that there is a police complaint against you, whatever be the reason you need to approach a Lawyer for Anticipatory bail. A lawyer for anticipatory bail can move the application either in District and Session Court or in the High Court. Lawyers move the Anticipatory bail application under Section 438 of CrPC.

Cheque Bounce Lawyers in Delhi

Cheque Bounce cases are filed under Section 138 of Negotiable Instrument Act and the cases are filed in magistrate courts in Delhi by the Cheque Bounce Lawyers. Cheque bounce cases are little different procedurally and hence there is a need for good cheque bounce lawyers for filing as well as for defending a cheque bounce case. Cheque bounce lawyers in Delhi know the tricks of the game and very well handle these cases with ease. Although cheque bounce cases come under criminal jurisdiction but they typically have steps to follow otherwise the case be dismissed for default. That’s the reason you need good and experienced cheque bounce lawyers when you have a case like that.

Corporate Lawyers in Delhi

Delhi is the capital of India and hence there are many companies which have their headquarters in this city which gives rise to opportunities for a lot of corporate lawyers in Delhi. Many MNCs have offices there and thus law firms as well as corporate lawyers are able to cater services to clients in Delhi. Corporate Lawyers in Delhi are known for proving services in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as well which is an uprising area of law. 

Cyber Crime Lawyers in Delhi 

Digital crimes or internet crimes are a matter of concern for everyone across the globe. Delhi is also suffering because of this and a lot of cybercrimes are being reported on a regular basis that is a reason that there is a rise in Cyber Crime lawyers in Delhi as well. Cyberlaw lawyers are quite adept in Delhi to assist the law enforcement agencies to nab the culprits and help the victims. Often police themselves reach out to the cybercrime lawyers in Delhi for their assistance in cases. Cybercrime lawyers from Delhi also assist the organizations and NGO who work in the area of spreading awareness about cyberlaw and cybercrime.

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