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Vaibhav Khandale

Is support provided online only or can get help in pune court too.

Posted 2 months ago

A. Dear Sir,
You have to select Pune Advocate to get help in Pune Court. They will charge you as per existing advocate fees in Pune depending upon nature of your case. For phone consultancy you have to pay Rs.1,000/- plus taxes to the Administrators of this website.

I could have explained more if background is known to me. I am at your service if you visit my office.

Please give me FIVE STAR if satisfied by my answers and you may approach me through Vidhikarya for further clarifications.

vimalkanth v s

hello sir\madam., In my aadhaar card, my father name is spelled incorrectly which is entered wrong before 10 years. As a student I don’t have any requirement in childhood so I didn’t notice that

Posted 4 months ago

A. Dear Sir,
You have to approach concerned office physically and try to get corrected by producing the require KYC details which may be obtained from different offices. You may also get other details.

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I have a situation in which i as a buyer (Indian company) and Indian company as seller (importing from OEM) is asking for CDEC as they claim they have warehouse facility at customs and they have quot

Posted 5 months ago

A. Hi,
As per the Government Notification, CDEC is given only to imports for equipment for research purposes. However, you need to show that those equipment are not manufactured in India in order to claim CDEC. The CDEC is granted to qualified institutions, not to the buyer and sellers of OEMs.
I want to organize an online contest where I will be collecting entry fees and at the end of contest will be rewarding cash prizes.Is it legal? And can people under 18 participate in contest? What ru

Posted 6 months ago

A. gambling is banned.
below 18 is banned.
online games allowed.
online contest without gambling allowed.
Ankur Goel @ Complete Law Shield
Ankur Goel @ Complete Law Shield

Mukesh D

My parents with One of their known friend started an Auto finance business entity and was running it for some 3-4 years. There was a person who was the managing partner, handling all the day to day ac

Posted 6 months ago

A. Dear Sir,
Approach Civil Court for staying further transactions.
Ankur Goel @ Complete Law Shield
Ankur Goel @ Complete Law Shield
Ayantika Mondal @ Prime Legal
Ayantika Mondal @ Prime Legal
Aarti  Mahto
Aarti Mahto
Hi As my mother has a land of 1acre in my village in tamilnadu which has frontage of 75ft and it has five shop which has been rented and we have left 18 ft of frontage is the pathway for agriculture

Posted 6 months ago

A. Dear Sir,
Approach High Court by filing PIL.
We are registered under society registration act 1860. And working for promotion of tribal art and craft. Wanted to open shop to sale those products. Is their any license required to obtained for star

Posted 2 years ago

A. Dear Sir,
You have to take licenses from local authority like municipality or panchayath.

Please take PAID phone call with me through VIDHIKARYA and get more legal guidance.
i have shop and the stamp duty registration and ghar patti is transferred on m name but the builder is demanding for more money without any clarifications. infact he has stuffed his goods in m shop.

Posted 2 years ago

A. Dear Sir,
You may get issue a legal notice and file a civil suit.


One person was showing add in facebook. He is having automobile shop in Delhi I paid him Rs 147000/- for 5 controllers.through NEFT. Sent me duplicate goods. I was forced to take 2 duplicate goods. I

Posted 2 years ago

A. Dear Mr.Nitin Kumar,
File a case immediately for recovery of money with Penalty and legal cost.
Shanti Ranjan Behera
Mine is a Private Limited Company. One of my client is threatening to file a case against the Directors and the company demanding a refund. So the question is that the client is from Mumbai and we are

Posted 3 years ago

A. dear client on an assumption of an agreement being absent, in your case the case can be filed in Delhi as well as in Mumbai but the chances of filing in Mumbai is more probable in nature.
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