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What are the Signs You Need to Hire a Child Custod...

If one is in a bind deciding whether a child custody lawyer actually ought to be hired one ought to know that representing oneself pro se is an option at all times. However, there are also times when even with the necessary grit and determination of representing oneself pro se does not cut it. There are seven similar scenarios when one ought to actually think long and hard about fighting the child custody case pro se without engaging an expert child custody lawyer.Your Ex Has a Lawyer and you don’tIf one is already aware of one’s ex hiring a private child custody lawyer, then one ought to do the same. If funds are a constraint then looking for legal aid for free in one’s locality is an option. That sinking feeling of possibly losing the child custody case for lack of a lawyer representing one party while the other party may have hired a lawyer already isn’t desirable at all.Further Complications of One’s Case Oftentimes, at the outset, it may seem that the case is an open and shut case but over time complications arise. If for example, the ex-husband is aware that the ex-wife is having second thoughts about sharing child custody or if the ex-wife has suspicions that her ex-husband  would try and present a convincing argument that his ex-wife does not fit the bill to have her kids stay with her overnight before the court then these types of complications would be indicative of the need for hiring a child custody lawyer.One’s Case across JurisdictionsIf the ex-husband lives in one state and the ex-wife in another or even in two different countries then one ought to consider hiring a lawyer to represent oneself. Even with a lawyer, one ought to do all one can to be conversant about the applicable child custody laws that may create an impact on one’s case, particularly if the case is an international case. For any inter-jurisdictional cases seeking counsel is generally recommended.There is a Reason to Believe One’s Children Are in DangerWhen it comes to ensuring that the safety of one’s kids is not in jeopardy then it’s absolutely crucial that one does not lose one’s child custody case and in the process incur skyrocketing costs. Furthermore, if at any time one believes that one’s children are in impending danger, then on ought to call the cops. In situations like these, one ought to also consider obtaining a restraining order. If one is worried about possible backlash, one could share one’s concerns with one’s lawyer. This is a circumstance demanding legally qualified representation.Ex Preventing Visitation If one’s ex attempts at limiting one’s contact with the kids, visits are denied, or if there are last-minute cancellations then one ought to hire an attorney to represent oneself. These sorts of behavioral patterns could be indicative of the requirement of hiring an expert lawyer representing either party.The Court Orders Participation in Treatment or Take ClassesIf the court requires either of the parties to the child custody case to undergo parenting or anger management classes or enrolling in drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs then they are all looked upon by the courts as either of the parties being in a disadvantageous position.  In such situations, hiring a lawyer to represent oneself is the way to go.  The only exception would be if mandatory participation of both parents in parenting or anger management classes in one’s country or state is an integral part of any child custody proceeding. While uncommon, there are a few jurisdictions requiring some kind of parental education for child custody cases.The Circumstances Have Altered Quite a BitLast but not least, if the circumstance of either of the ex-spouses has altered quite a bit then either of the parties could hire a child custody lawyer. If, for example, either of the parties is relocating, remarrying, or even living together, then it would probably be a brilliant idea to hire a lawyer rather than represent oneself pro se.Click here to consult with an expert child custody lawyer registered on Vidhikarya.

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Avik Chakravorty

23 hours ago

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In the Age of Social Media, Human Rights Revisited

As one of the world’s new and emerging economies, India’s Dalits are manual scavengers rummaging through and cleaning the dry toilets of other people who are high caste and carting their human waste. The menfolk usually clean the sewer and the septic tanks while the womenfolk would be carting piles of excreta in cane baskets to get rid of them. According to estimates hundreds of sewer workers risk their lives to the point that hundreds of workers die every year as they inhale toxic gases. The internet in stark contrast is often believed to be a virtual space without any hierarchy but with unlimited scope and opportunities where the age-old caste system, race, and gender are non-existent. If it was to be assumed and also how the production, maintenance and ‘optimization’ of new media technologies exploring how some populations thrive and survive the fantasy of an internet devoid of humans are more often than not built on the premise that the bodies and the labor are invisible inclusive of the Dalits of death of others who are recolonized in lands far away.   Colonialism was driven by the social imaginary based on the premise that the source or emergence of knowledge is in the West and its spread to the other parts of the world is a result of the generous imperialist spreading of tentacles aggressively. It was presumed that the colonization of the black and brown slaves needed to be civilized and therefore, colonialism was an endeavor that was unavoidable, full of righteousness and piety. Dominant institutions of all kinds, inclusive of the scientific industrial complex, were deployed for justification claiming it to be true. In the meantime extraction from the colonies kept on providing the resources to stimulate the industrial revolution. Some things, including the production of various technologies using extracted colonial resources, bought back by the colonized subjects, creating vicious dependency cycles are existing even in this day and age.The vast majority of technology companies emerging in the West frequently have been partnering with their very own offshore delivery centers for cost-cutting purposes. A case in point is the fact that according to estimates several hundred thousand people are employed globally in moderation of digital content. This massive workforce scavenges several hundreds of hours of video footage, a couple of hundreds of thousands of tweets and millions and millions of Facebook posts that appear on the internet minute after minute as they vet and removed if the content is found to be offensive, violent, traumatic or even obscene. This is an example of the type of menial work also known as ‘digital waste’ that is outsourced to offshore locations in the name of optimization and cost-cutting. What the earnings of the Content moderators in India and the Philippines are in a day, the moderators based in the US earn in an hour which is the major incentive if not the only incentive for companies in the west to outsource their work to offshore locations as there is the advantage of these countries knowing the English language as well as being acquainted with the culture of the west.What are attractive to the vast majority of corporations is the fact that there is no telling when cheap labor could be laid-off anytime or conversely employers could shut down their offices in one location and reopen in another which might be even cheaper location. Indigenous Navajo Women were laborers producing circuits at a factory at the reserve maintaining a low profile for others to at least feel if not, in reality, be free and in control through the use of technology. It's been argued that historically the onus of digital media’s production of devices is disproportionately borne by colored women who create them. It's been discovered after delving into the historical data behind these technologies that both man and machine are absolutely essential for anyone to fathom the configuration of digital labor these days. The colored women’s labor in regards to electronics manufacturing or the digital revolution no one knows about or in other words they are unsung heroes. ?The launching of the PC revolution is a case in point that contributed to the rich history of offshoring that led to the Internet, and in turn, led to all other things. Besides, Navajo workers were regarded as possessing a mix of innate racial and cultural traits that could be enhanced or reformed to manufacture chips accurately, quickly, and seamlessly. Like scavenging manually, chip manufacturing has its claim to notoriety as being a filthy business and workers at semiconductor manufacturing plants are victims of diseases related to pollution. Eventually, the Navajo nation did not derive any economic benefit in comparison with what it had hoped for or expected from the plant and had to live with the waste and its long-term effects.Facebook, strictly enforces its mandatory requirement of signing non-disclosure agreements and once the NDA is signed employees are barred from even speaking to each other about their job profile. Although Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s speeches at the UN are broadly about optimizing the internet’s dominance and thereby leveraging human rights. In the process what he is after is showcasing and projecting his platform as though a bellwether of the freedom of expression, his company, has intimidated its offshore workers with a hefty penalty of a couple of thousands of Euros as punishment for violating the NDA. Click here to connect to Vidhikarya’s registered expert human rights lawyers for further legal advice in this regard.  

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Avik Chakravorty

1 day ago

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