Cheque Bounce Lawyers

Cheque Bounce Lawyers
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Laws for Cheque Bounce

Cheques have long been normalised as the mode of payment through negotiable instruments. The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 deals with the various negotiable instruments including cheques. Section 138 of the NI Act specifically deals with the provisions for dishonour of cheque punishable for insufficiency of funds. It is a criminal law procedure and one needs cheque bounce advocates in Pune or any other city for such cases. Laws for cheque dishonour are interpreted with application to the facts by cheque bounce lawyers in the court of law. Thereafter, when both parties have been considered by the court, a decision is pronounced by the lower court. There is scope for appeal to the higher or even the apex court, if facts of the case allow.


Cheque Bounce Lawyers in Pune

Matters of dishonour of cheques are handled by the cheque bounce case lawyers. For matters in Pune courts,  one should approach Pune lawyers for cheque bounce. One may get Vidhikarya’s cheque bounce lawyers in Pune contact numbers through the options available below. One should not delay contacting cheque bounce case lawyers in Pune after dishonour of cheque is communicated through the bank concerned. Since there are time bound processes related to legal notice as well as case proceedings which the cheque bounce lawyer in Pune will take care of. Given below are some frequent doubts for cheque bounce advocates in Pune which have been answered hereby.


Questions for Cheque Bounce Case Lawyers in Pune


Q- How to find cheque bounce lawyers in Pune contact details?

A- Pune Lawyers always need clients since they are the middle man for conversations between laymen and the courts. If someone applies to hire the services of Vidhikarya cheque bounce advocate near me in Pune, contact details are shared. Cheque bounce lawyers in Pune contact no. will be shared with clients to make them contact the legal professionals as per convenience.


Q- How can we defend ourselves in cheque bounce cases in Pune?

A- Defending a Pune cheque bounce case is the role of cheque bounce advocate in Pune. The provisions under Section 138 of the NI Act have to be given a thorough read and be compared with the facts of the case. The case laws established by the hon’ble Supreme Court play a vital role for defending cheque bounce cases.


Q- What is punishment for cheque bounce in Pune?

A- The maximum imprisonment for cheque bounce cases in India is 2 years with fine which may be double the amount involved in the cheque bounced. It is upto the cheque bounce lawyers in Pune as to whether they manage to compromise the matter, save their defending client or do justice with the prosecuting client.


Q- What is the minimum amount for a cheque bounce case in Pune?

A- There is no pecuniary minimum for initiating court proceedings for a cheque bounce case in Pune or any other city in India. Hence, whether it is an amount as low as Rs 100 and as high as Rs 10 lakh, one can sue the drawer of the cheque. The only condition that has to be fulfilled is that payment through cheque should have been made due to some debt.

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