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Divorce Lawyers
Divorce Lawyers

Divorce Lawyers in Pune

You can have many queries on divorce:

  • What is the procedure for divorce?
  • What will be the cost of divorce?
  • How long will the divorce process take?
  • Who will get the custody of the child/children?
  • How do courts decide on child custody?
  • Is it necessary to keep husband’s name after divorce?
  • How the property will be divided?

There are many such queries for which you will need expert divorce lawyers in Pune.

There are majorly two concepts in dissolution of marriage which are Judicial Separation and Divorce.

To understand the details of divorce law and how you can proceed legally you must consult an expert divorce lawyer in Pune.

What is divorce?

Divorce is the total disintegration of a marriage union before the demise of either life partner. It includes the cancelation of legitimate obligations and exception from any past marital obligations or bonds between the said accomplices. After divorce, one's singlehood is legitimized and they are allowed to remarry. Simply put, it is the end of the relationship between the man and the woman who were together due to the wedlock.

Divorce Reasons?

The common grounds which can give rise to divorce are Sec 498A of IPC. Many are forced to seek divorce which is because of 498a.

Other reasons divorce cases are harassment, cruelty, impotency, physical abuse, adultery, mental torture etc.

Child Custody?

Child custody is decided by the court based on many critical factors in Divorce. An expert divorce lawyer in Pune can guide you how to proceed for child custody.

How can I divorce online?

Online divorce is not possible but online filing of cases which has started post covid lock down. Connect with your divorce lawyer in Pune to understand the procedure and how to proceed for filing. A lawyer can guide you well and take you step-by-step for the entire duration of divorce.

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Search Result : Divorce Lawyers in Pune

Consult Expert Divorce Lawyers in Pune. If you are searching for Divorce Lawyers in Pune, then your searches will end here.


Aashish Vijay & Associates

Pune |

Area of Practice

  • Divorce
  • Corporate and Incorporation
  • Industrial Laws
  • Contracts And Agreements
  • Civil

Mrs.Rani Manik Sonawane

Pune |

Area of Practice

  • Divorce
  • Criminal
  • Sexual Harassment at Workplace
  • Will
  • Power of Attorney

Adv . Shirish Patil

Pune |

Area of Practice

  • Divorce
  • Criminal
  • Motor Accident
  • Police Laws
  • Cyber, Internet, Information Technology
Total Answers Given : 24

Adv. Sarika Khude

Pune |

Area of Practice

  • Divorce
  • Domestic Violence
  • Debt Collection
  • Property
  • Child Custody
Total Answers Given : 660

Pooja Sathe

Pune |

Area of Practice

  • Divorce
  • Family
  • Maternity
  • Cheque Bounce
  • Consumer Protection
Total Answers Given : 14


Pune |

Area of Practice

  • Divorce
  • Power Of Attorney
  • Trust And Society (NGO)
  • Debt And Lending Agreement

Advocate Pradnya Vaidya

Pune |

Area of Practice

  • Divorce
  • Civil
  • Trust and Society (NGO)
  • Sale Of Goods
  • Family


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