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Start-up Services

Your one stop shop to get all your startup requirement fulfilled. End to end support to new ventures

Start-up Services
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Start-up services starting at just
Rs. 2000

Corporate Litigation

Corporate and Organization keep facing challenges in the form of cases being filed against them and also they filing cases against others. It can become a daunting task for an organization if it does not have right Lawyer to represent its case in the court of law. One must be careful to engage a good lawyer for such matters.

Corporate Litigation
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Corporate Litigation starting at just
Rs. 2000


Companies often tend to ignore the importance of proper documentation. Having legal documents in place saves an organization from loss of revenue and reputation and also helps it to run its business smoothly.

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Documentation starting at just
Rs. 1500

Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance is as important as oxygen to breathing. Non-compliance can lead to financial penalty and also jail term to the directors.

Corporate Compliance
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Corporate Compliance starting at just
Rs. 2500

Advisory Services

Seek proper advices from seasoned lawyers to have a smooth and eventfree running of your business.

Advisory Services
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Advisory Services starting at just
Rs. 1000

Corporate Services

A company is said to be a person or an entity in the eyes of law. Since citizens have to abide by the laws of the nation, so does this legal entity. There are various legal requirements to be fulfilled even during incorporation, i.e. process of formation of a company. Depending upon the nature of business in which such a corporate entity is indulged, there are numerous compliances. And then there are legal compliances to be accomplished by every company regardless of whether it is engaged in the food industry or manufacturing electronic gadgets. For all such things, corporate lawyers or corporate finance lawyers in India are required. Corporations lawyer makes sure that the company is following all the legal compliances through necessary documentation. Best corporate law firms in India function through such corporate and incorporation lawyers only who take care of the legal matters internally as well as in the courts.

Corporate Lawyers in India

There is a lot of scope in the legal field due to the variety of professions a lawyer can take up. It can be litigation as advocates, judiciary for aspirants, and then there comes corporate lawyer India. Since the ease of business in India, numerous companies are being established which are increasing business of the best corporate law firms in India. Sometimes things may not follow the green path for one and the circumstances may be under control for another and thus, the company may also need merger and acquisition lawyers. Tasks related to legal compliances for labour laws, licensing, etc. are handled by corporations lawyer or corporation law firm. There are legal bumps in business whereby arbitration and mediation lawyers are required to settle matters without court intervention as is the trend in corporate matters.

Why do I need a Corporations Lawyer?

As explained earlier, there is so much to satisfy to the laws in India. For that matter, a company may need the best corporate law firms in India for consultation purposes. However, having a corporations lawyer for a company is always beneficial since it is not a one time task to satisfy compliances. The lawyer for corporate services or Industrial lawyers make all such tasks an easy pathway. For example, contract lawyers may help with relevant documentation and help evade excess liability while contracting with another entity during business.

Start-Up Services

To push newly established business, start-ups are being encouraged through various schemes in India. But, such schemes are not easy to understand by laymen. That is where corporate lawyers in India make their significance felt. Get your startup requirements fulfilled with the help of experienced corporate lawyer India. Vidhikarya ensures end to end support for new ventures.

Corporate Litigation

Since a company is a legal person, it can sue and be sued in its own name. However, whether it is the company or the persons acting on the company's behalf is determined through facts of the matter. A lawyer for corporate services helps represent the company before court or tribunals. Vidhikarya will help you through corporate lawyers in India best suited for your case.


Where there is a company, legal documentation is the first and foremost thing even before incorporation. For that matter, corporate lawyer India acts as the company's saviour. Seek services from the expert corporations lawyer for a long and smooth run in the business world.

Corporate Compliance

Company is run by a group of people and those are also responsible for acts and omissions of the company. Lack of legal compliances may result in a penalty in huge sums. Escape such troubles with the help of corporate lawyers in India.

Advisory Services

Lawyer for corporate services is not only there to represent you. Vidhikarya also gives you the chance of consultation from corporate lawyer India and seek the most suitable piece of advice.


FAQs on Corporate Services

Q- What does corporate lawyer do?

A- Corporate lawyers, also known as business lawyers, provide legal counsel and representation to businesses and corporations. They handle a wide range of legal matters, including contract negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, compliance with regulations, intellectual property issues, employment law matters, and more, to ensure that their corporate clients operate within the boundaries of the law and protect their legal interests.

Q- Who is called corporate lawyer ?

A- A corporate lawyer, also known as a business lawyer, is a legal practitioner who specialises in providing legal advice and representation to companies, enterprises, startups and other organisations. Their main concentration is on the legal elements of business operations and transactions.

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