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Open Source Codes Lawyers
Open Source Codes Lawyers

Open Source Code Laws in India

Find Open Source Code Laws expert lawyer in India.

What is Open Source Code Laws?

What is the need for Open Source Code Laws?

How is Open Source Code Laws legally recognized in India?

What is the difference between “Open Software” and “Free Software”?

What are some of the widely used Open Source Software?

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About the Open Source Code Laws

Computer Software whose source code through license is made available to which the holder of the copyright has the right to change, study, distribute the software to any person and for any reason, is known as Open Source Software.

Laws regulating Open Source Code Laws

Open Source Code are governed by the legal provisions affecting intellectual property and copyright laws as the available legal remedy.

In India a comprehensive and supportive open source policy was adopted. This policy is known as the Policy on Adoption of Open Source Software for Government of India which was released in 2014.

Some facts about Open Source Code Laws

This policy aims at the reduction of the total cost of ownership of projects, providing of a policy structure for rapid and effective adoption of Open Source Software, ensuring a strategic control over e-Governance application and systems.

As per the policy, Indian government would aim at the adoption of Open Source Software, in every e-governance system implemented by different government organisations. As per the policy, government would establish appropriate support mechanisms for the Open Source Software which would be inclusive of the partnership with the industry, institutional mechanism, Academia and the Open Source Software community, and so on.

Some widely used open source software are Firefox, Joomla, KOHA, etc.

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