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January 13, 2019, 1:37 pm | Updated February 4, 2020, 1:47 pm IST
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*DIFFERENT TYPES OF RETURNS TO BE FILED BY A REGISTERED NORMAL TAX PAYER IN GST REGIME* *1. GSTR 1* - This consists of all the details of the sales made during a particular month alongwith the tax figures, HSN Codes and No of Vouchers Issued *2. GSTR 2* - This return consists of the purchase vouchers which the seller has not shown in his/her GSTR 1 which inturn is not flashing in your GSTR 2A, Those missing invoices has to be uploded in GSTR 2 from the end of the buyer for a buyer-seller reconciliation. Features of this return is same as GSTR 1 in other words you can say that you are filing the GSTR 1 of the seller in your own portal to be on the safe-side for the ITC claimed thereto *GSTR 3B* - This return consists of only the tax figures of ITC claimed in inward supplies (purchases) in Table 4 and Tax-payable in outward supplies (Sales) in Table 3.1. This also includes inward and outward supplies liable to reverse charge for both inward and outward supplies *Important Note* *Mistakes made in these key areas may invite Assessment or Scrutiny* 1. Tax figures shown in GSTR 1 (Outward Supplies) should be the same amount which you should show in your GSTR 3B Table 3.1 2. ITC Claimed in Table 4 in GSTR 3B should co-relate with the total ITC shown in your GSTR 2A + GSTR 2 (If any) along with valid invoices of the same.
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Saket Mohta

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