Female Village Sarpanch belonging to SC , husband belonging to OC, power misuse Female Village Sarpanch belonging to SC , husband belonging to OC, power misuse


My village sarpanch belongs to SC female, after electing as a sarpanch, she made her husband belonging to OC as a head of village and she slept at home on willingly. She gave her voice telling "If wife becomes sarpanch, she will sleep at home, husband looks after her role". She being physically and mentally fit and both being Ex naxals, can this be allowed in democracy country.

I believe they are violating the SC reservation sarpanch power and behaving against democratic way.

What act can be used here against the female sarpanch, and her husband for violating against the democracy principles.
Whom should we lodge the complaint?
Please suggest.


Responded 2 years ago

A.Dear Client
You can file a complaint before the District Collector stating all the details, Collector will appoint a committee as per your complaint

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question iconPlease let me know the acts, sections, and the sub sections
Dear client, in my humble suggestion, Article 173 of the Constitution of India which states the qualifications for State Legislature membership mentions these things.
question iconRelection of committee members
Dear Client, the election can be considered as new term of 2 years generally. a person is not eligible if he falls under any category of By law 118. (assuming you are from Maharashtra).
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Dear Client, The grounds for disqualification of a candidate standing for state legislative assembly elections are: (1) In the first place, you must not hold any office of profit under the Government of India or the Government of any State other than an office declared by the Legislature of the State by law not to disqualify its holder. The various State Legislatures have made laws declaring different offices of profit which will not disqualify a holder of any such office for being chosen as and for being a member of the Legislative Assembly of a State. (2) In the second place, you must not be of unsound mind and must not stand so declared by a competent court. (3) In the third place, you must not be an undischarged insolvent. (4) In the fourth place, you will be disqualified if you are not a citizen of India or you have voluntarily acquired the citizenship of a foreign State or if you are under any acknowledgement of allegiance or adherence to a foreign State. In simple words, you must not be an alien and a foreigner. (5) And lastly, you must not be disqualified by or under any law made by Parliament. (b) Constitutional Disqualifications for Membership of the Legislative Assembly of a Union Territory (other than the National Capital Territory of Delhi). These disqualifications are contained in section 14 of the Government of Union Territories Act, 1963.
question iconDisqualification- member in panchayat gets disqualified
Panchayat is a civic body whose members are accountable to the office and the citizens of those villages coming under the panchayat. If there are irregularities then the authority having the powers can take all possible legal actions under the law.
question iconWhat should be the Candidate qualifications according to constitution for contesting as MLA?
For MLA as per Article 173 of the constitution of India one should be not less than 25 years for the legislative assembly and 30 years for legislative council, is a citizen of India and who subscribes to the oath as in 3rd schedule. Now you cannot contest an election from a state in which you are not in the electoral roll of the state in the case of election for MLA.
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