Data entry job: asking for 4000 to pay to complete work or legal notice Data entry job: asking for 4000 to pay to complete work or legal notice

I searched for data entry job from internet and applied few. I got message from them on whatsapp. And they got me signed agreement with my photo id. Job was to complete 700 forms in 6 days. if in between I am not able to login or did not complete the work have to pay ₹4000 refundable amount to continue the work and finish. I completed 450 forms but suddenly it stopped working. And now they are asking to pay ₹4000 to regenerate the id to continue work or they will send legal notice for ₹25000 penalty or some other strict action. And they didnt pay anything for the 450 forms submitted.. please advise.


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A.Dear client,
This is the 5th complaint we have received on this platform regarding the same problem. Whichever company it is, do not pay them anything anymore. It is a fraudulent company. They cannot send you any legal notice, if they say so, ask them to pay your money back first.
Please be careful before signing up for such jobs.

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