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Q.Liabilities on a agreement

Q. Liabilities on a agreement

Sir, I and my friend are students and signed a contract with a company agreeing to make a website for them in 55 days.It has been 5 months for the project and the company said to build the website after contract but no renewal of contract was done.The friend of mine is not working or receiving calls from me. Now I might not be able to complete the work. The company is saying they would go legal against us. The company only has a non disclosure agreement signed by me and my friend agreeing to give back 80% of the of the advance amount if the project is not described in RFP(project details doc) in55 days. The company is saying it has lost an investor due to delay from our side. No such condition was mentioned in the agreement or we wouldn't have signed such an agreement. I want to know are we liable to such condition. If the contract would have renewed then we might have been but the contract is over. Also are we liable for any other matter that the company can come up with?
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A. Dear Sir,
Let the Company go to any Court and be assured that they will get no relief.

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A. Have you developed the site and delivered to the company? If yes then you need not worry. If not then you have to see that all terms you signed for in the agreement or NDA.
Basis that one can tell what will happen.

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Abhimanyu Shandilya

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