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Q.Marriage of 2nd cousins
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Q. Marriage of 2nd cousins

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posted 1 year ago

Sir / Madam,
Is it legally acceptable for 2nd cousins to get married?
Can the Son of my 1st cousin (My Dad's elder brother's son) and my daughter be married. Is it legally approved since we have a common grandfather and are cousin brothers - 1st cousins and are our children are 2nd cousins.
Kindly share your views / opinion from the legal point of view.

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A. dear client in your case Kindly confirm your religion only then such advise can be given.

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Deepak Bade

Experience: 9 Year(s)

Responded 1 month ago

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A. Kindly confirm your religion only then such advise can be given. If you are a Hindu, then you cannot.

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Replied 1 year ago

Mr. Nilanjan,
Many thanks for your response.
We are Hindus and Tamil brahmins......Iyers
So going by your observation, do I take it as a illegal marriage?
The boy as said in my note in my 1sr cousins son and the girl is my daughter
Kindly advise

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Experience: 5 Year(s)

Replied 1 year ago

No, The marriage can't be conducted. As it falls under the degree of prohibited relationship under Hindu Law.

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Replied 1 year ago

Many thanks for your views on the query
Sincerely appreciate your quick response and guidance.



A. Yes it's legally accept able and it will be legal marriage if it's happened for more details contact
Adv S.L.Khan
WhatsApp 9890454223

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Khansaeed Pathan

Experience: 10 Year(s)

Responded 1 year ago

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