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Cheque Bounce
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Cheque Bounce Laws in India

The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 provides for legal provisions related to negotiable instruments in India. Section 138 to 142 of the NI Act specifically deals with the dishonour of cheques. Advocate for cheque bounce is one of the various types of lawyers in India who specifically deals with matters of cheque dishonour. A person who is convicted for dishonour of cheque can be imprisoned and also be liable for fine which may be double the amount involved for payment through cheques. However, courts in India usually uphold repayment of money over punishing the drawer of cheque targeting the financial nature of the matter.


Cheque Bounce Lawyers in Chennai

For matters of dishonour of cheques, understanding the legality behind the fact is crucial. For legal matters in Chennai, it is advisable that Chennai lawyers should be contacted since they are well aware of the local processes. lawyer for cheque bounce case in Chennai helps the client with representation before the court. Below are cheque bounce case lawyers in Chennai associated with Vidhikarya who can be contacted online here. One should also inquire about the lawyer fees for cheque bounce case in Chennai since it may correspond to the amount involved if the case is tricky.


FAQs for Cheque Bounce Lawyers in Chennai


Q- Can cheque bounce case be withdrawn in Chennai?

A- If the debtor is ready to make payment to the other person who moved the court for cheque bounce, the case may be withdrawn. Matters under cheque bounce are compromisable between the parties. Lawyers in Chennai for cheque bounce cases can help out with the way out of trouble.


Q-  How can we defend yourself in cheque bounce case in Chennai?

A- All the legal provisions related to defending a cheque bounce case can be understood through the lawyer for cheque bounce case in Chennai. The major things that can save someone is to prove that the dishonour of cheque is not for insufficiency, non-served legal notice, not a payment through debt, etc. However, case specific information based on facts can be understood only by cheque bounce case lawyers in Chennai.


Q- How to find the cheque bounce lawyers in Chennai?

A- Given below are Vidhikarya lawyers in Chennai for cheque bounce who can be contacted for consultation purposes. If the legal professional after due discussion seems to have understood the facts of the case and explains the path further, the same may prove to be the lawyer for cheque bounce case in Chennai.


Q- What is the procedure of filing cheque bounce case in Chennai?

A- In case of dishonour of cheque, it is pivotal to contact cheque bounce lawyers in Chennai who can help understand the legal aspects of the facts. The first step in case of dishonour of cheque due to insufficiency of funds is serving the drawer of cheque with a legal notice through lawyers in Chennai for cheque bounce. It signifies the intimidation and also the deadline to makeup for the reason behind cheque bounce. After the deadline is over, one is free to proceed legally through advocate for cheque bounce in Chennai by filing in the court.