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Divorce Lawyers
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Divorce Lawyers in Chennai

Marriage is a subject of personal laws in India and so is divorce. Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 deals with divorce of Hindu couples and Indian Divorce Act, 1869 is the secular Act (regardless of the religions). For divorce in Chennai, one should vigilantly hire Chennai lawyers for procedural convenience. One may find divorce case lawyers in Chennai on this page who can be contacted through Vidhikarya for legal assistance. Hiring famous divorce lawyers in Chennai helps people rest assured of saving their interests in compliance with the applicable laws in India. Divorce Lawyers in Chennai not only need to deal with the end of marriage but the before and after effects also need to be taken care of as shown here under. 


Legal Assistance After Lawyer in Chennai for Divorce

  • Lawyer for Domestic Violence in Chennai - Sometimes marriage does not go well, there is one dominating spouse and things get pretty tough for the other due to mental or physical violence. Wife gets a helping hand in this regard from the applicable criminal laws. Lady divorce lawyers in Chennai may help the wife proceed against the husband under criminal laws while the divorce proceedings go ahead.
  • Child Custody Lawyers in Chennai - Parents with kids find it the hardest to separate peacefully. However, divorce lawyers in Chennai may help with child custody safeguarding the welfare of the children in such a broken marriage.
  • Muslim Law Advocate in Chennai - For Muslim couples willing to end their marriage, it may end up within the four walls of home as well. The laws are a bit complex and one may need divorce lawyers in Chennai with expertise in Muslim laws if courts have to be approached, especially for the wife.


FAQs for Divorce Case Lawyers in Chennai


Q- How much does a divorce cost in Chennai?

A- Based on the facts of the case, the divorce lawyers in Chennai fees may vary. Also, in case of mutual consent, the fees for divorce lawyers in Chennai may be split among the couple. Things get more complicated even for the pockets when it is a contested divorce.


Q- How can I get divorce in Chennai?

A- Consultation with the lawyer in Chennai for divorce is recommended when the thought pops up in mind. First, one should disclose if the other spouse is ready for divorce, i.e. whether it is a mutual consent or contested divorce. The divorce advocates in Chennai may help understand the legality behind the process to help their clients.


Q- How much does a lawyer charge for mutual divorce in Chennai?

A- Divorce lawyers in Chennai fees are not fixed neither for mutual nor contested divorces. However, mutual consent divorce lawyers in Chennai charge less as compared to those taking up contested divorce matters. Famous divorce lawyers or the NRI divorce lawyers in Chennai usually charge higher.


Q- How can I hire a lawyer for divorce in Chennai?

A- One may contact divorce case lawyers in Chennai through family, friends, or acquaintances. You can also get divorce lawyers in Chennai contact number or email contact at Vidhikarya. Free legal advice for divorce in Chennai is crucial in order to finalize hiring for a case. If the legal advice by famous divorce lawyers in Chennai does not deem fit, find another option since personal interests are at stake.


Q- What is the minimum period of separation for divorce in Chennai?

A- Do you need a lawyer for a mutual divorce? In that case before applying for mutual consent divorce, the Hindu couple must be living separately for at least a year. In the case of people governed by other personal laws, the duration may be different. For contested divorce, staying separately as a requisite comes later on as a cooling period after divorce is finalized.

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