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Child Custody Lawyers
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Laws for Child Custody in India

Custody of a child is governed by the personal/ religious laws of people in India in the absence of a Uniform Civil Code. The question of who will get the custody of a child in India usually occurs when marriage comes to its climax and the couple is seeing divorce lawyers in Chennai or any other city for that matter. Parents, until together, are considered the natural guardians of a child and thus, there is no doubt over who the child will stay with, unless welfare of the child is at stake. It is the responsibility of the courts to decide the matter upholding welfare of the child while keeping regard with the applicable personal laws. Lawyers for child custody are the yardsticks for courts in such cases. 


Child Custody Lawyers in Chennai

How to choose a child custody lawyer is a troublesome question when your parenthood and your child’s welfare is at stake. It is advisable to consult with Chennai lawyers rather than any other city if your matter has to take off in a Chennai court, since location matters. One may find Vidhikarya’s child custody lawyers in Chennai below. Female lawyers in Chennai may be better able to understand the concerns of single mothers and convince the court more effectively in favour.


Questions for Child Custody Lawyers in Chennai


Q- How to choose a child custody lawyer in Chennai?

A- If you are someone with a kid and seeing the divorce lawyers in Chennai who do not take up custodial matters, you should also schedule a consultation session with child custody lawyers in Chennai. It is advisable to have clarity on all the doubts during this session. This will help opt for the child custody advocate in Chennai. Discuss your concerns and see if the professional seems capable enough.


Q- How much do lawyers cost for child custody in Chennai?

A- The answer to how much does a lawyer cost for a custody case in Chennai is not some fixed exact figures. It depends upon the facts of the case as to who is more capable among both the parents or any other relative of the child. How much does it cost for a child custody lawyer in Chennai to take up a case will also depend upon the years experience which the legal professional holds with the rate of success.


Q- What do the child custody lawyers in Chennai do?

A- One may seek a child custody advocate near me for legal opinions. Representation before the court is also taken up by lawyers for child custody cases in Chennai. They uphold the interest of the child and the requirements of the client in compliance with the applicable laws and proceed with the court process accordingly.


Q- How to get free legal advice for child custody in Chennai?

A- One should contact child custody lawyers in Chennai who provide free consultation sessions. This will also help decide how to choose a child custody lawyer in Chennai. There are pro-bono lawyers as well who provide free legal services to those in need who can not afford the expenses.


Q- Do family court advocates near me also deal with child custody matters?

A- It depends upon the family lawyers in Chennai to be contacted. Some legal professionals are very specific with the nature of cases they deal in. While there are some who take up a variety of cases. Thus, discussion over how to choose a child custody lawyer should also take place if the family court lawyers in Chennai delegate the matter to another professional.

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