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Cheque Bounce
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Bounce Cheque Law

What we call cheque bounce in common language is technically dishonour of cheques. When a person deposits a cheque with a bank for encashment and the same is returned because of insufficient funds in the drawer’s bank account, it is called cheque dishonour. Section 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 deals with bounce cheque law punishment. Cheque bounce lawyers in India help understand the legality behind bounce cheque law. They also help with drafting legal notice and represent clients before the courts in cheque dishonour matters.


Cheque Bounce Lawyers in Nagpur

Finding Nagpur cheque bounce advocates is important once you receive a cheque dishonour memo from the bank. One may find Nagpur lawyers list below for professionals associated with Vidhikarya. The role of lawyers for bounced cheque in Nagpur starts with drafting a legal notice in this regard intimating the drawer of cheque regarding dishonour. In case things are not settled and the other person does not compensate the payee with the amount indebted, cause of action arises. Thereafter, cheque bounce case lawyers in Nagpur come into picture for representing the payee or drawer before the court. It may be noted that cheque bounce Negotiable Instruments Act provisions can be provoked in court only if it is for insufficiency of funds and the matter arises out of a debt. 


Questions for Cheque Bounce Advocates in Nagpur


Q- What do lawyers for bounced cheque in Nagpur do?

A- When someone receives a cheque dishonour memo from the bank due to insufficiency of funds in the drawer’s account, the cheque bounce lawyers in Nagpur help with drafting a clear legal notice in this regard. The lawyers for bounced cheque in Nagpur will also explain to clients that they have to wait for a certain period and accept due payment if made by the drawer in some other mode or through the same cheque. Otherwise, cheque bounce advocates in Nagpur represent their clients in the court of law.


Q- What is cheque bounce lawyer fees in Nagpur?

A- Where there is a question like 'how much do cheque bounce lawyers in Nagpur charge?’, there is no fixed amount. The lawyer fees for cheque dishonour matters in Nagpur depends upon the experience which the professional holds along with the amount of money at stake. Facts of the case and how difficult it is to convince the court in favour of a particular party also play a major role in deciding the cheque bounce lawyer fees in Nagpur.


Q- How to consult with expert lawyers for bounced cheque in Nagpur?

A- While visiting cheque bounce case lawyers in Nagpur, it is important to explain the following facts:

  • When was the cheque received
  • Reason of amount paid (Whether for business transaction or a gift)
  • When was the dishonoured cheque received
  • Whether it was communicated with the drawer of cheque already
  • Whether a legal notice has been served already

Apart from these, any question asked by the cheque bounce lawyer in Nagpur has to be answered diligently.


Q- Is it necessary to serve legal notice through cheque bounce lawyers in Nagpur?

A- As per the legal process involved under bounce cheque law, serving a legal notice informing the drawer of cheque is a must in cases of cheque bounce. For the purpose of drafting an effective legal notice, one must approach an expert cheque bounce advocate in Nagpur.