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Child Custody Lawyers in Nagpur

If parents are seeing divorce lawyers in Nagpur, deciding over custody of children is the need of the hour. Location and residence of parties involved plays a major role in deciding jurisdiction of the courts that take up matters. Nagpur lawyers should be contacted for matters in the city. When it comes to child custody, it is a subject of personal laws. The Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1956 governs matters among Hindu couples. However, the Guardians and Wards Act, 1890 decides for people whereby a particular religion does not govern. Child custody lawyers in Nagpur help parties uphold the interest of the child and the parents in the courts of law. Know in detail about when to contact a lawyer for child custody in Nagpur and how to proceed further.


When do I need Child Custody lawyers in Nagpur?

Parents are regarded as the natural guardians for children in India as per the applicable religious laws. However, there are times when one has to decide legally upon who gets custody of children. Custodial rights hint towards the right to decide for the interests of children, whether it's about life events or financial decisions. Given below are the scenarios when a person may need child custody lawyers:

  • When parents are going through a divorce
  • When one of the spouses is no more and the other is unable to take care of children
  • When both the parents are no more and someone close in family suffers a clash with others
  • When parents (natural guardians) of the child are a danger for welfare of children concerned


Queries on Child Custody Advocates in Nagpur


Q- What do expert child custody lawyers in Nagpur do?

A- The main duties of lawyer for child custody in Nagpur include legal counselling for the parties (spouse and child), prioritising the interests of the child, applying the suitable religious laws and representing the parties before the court. Matters related to custody of a child are sensitive with regard to parents as well as the children. Thus, understanding facts of the case is a must for child custody lawyers in Nagpur.


Q- What is child custody lawyer fees in Nagpur?

A- The fee charged by child custody advocates in Nagpur is not a standardised amount. It may vary depending upon the experience and success rate a lawyer for child custody in Nagpur holds. Facts of the case and how tricky it is going to be to convince the judges also add up to the child custody lawyer fees in Nagpur.


Q- Why should I hire Nagpur child custody lawyers?

A- In case you are a couple with one or more children and are planning to divorce, deciding over custody of children is the need of the hour. Parents are natural guardians according to the personal (religious) laws in India. If parents are unable to take care of the children since they are no more or one of them is not of sound mind, other relatives may need to legally decide the custodial matter. In all such scenarios, hiring a child custody lawyer in Nagpur can help safeguard the interests legally.


Q- Can a father get custody of children?

A- As per laws, children in the initial years need their mothers the most. However, sometimes even the mothers can not be the ones to take care of their own children. A father is also much needed in a family who makes children feel safe in his presence. Such facts have been taken care of in the family laws. Laws do not restrain a father from having custodial rights of his own child as confirmed by family lawyers in Nagpur. A father may be given custody of the child provided that he is able to prove that it is in the interest of the child concerned to stay with his/ her father. 

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