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Property Lawyers in Nagpur

Where there is any matter related to real estate, property advocates are needed for legal assistance. It could be documentation, property disputes, registration, tenancy issues, and the list goes on. Location plays an important role in deciding jurisdiction of legal processes and thus, lawyers in Nagpur must be consulted for properties in Nagpur city.

Knowing the nature of your case is important and that happens only when people are aware of the legal provisions associated. Nagpur Property lawyers have to follow various statutes like the Transfer of Property Act, 1882, Registration Act, 1908, Indian Contracts Act, 1950, and many more. Facts of the case make property advocates in Nagpur understand the nature of the matter and the path to be followed thereafter. Given below are the types of property advocates in Nagpur based on the kind of matters taken up by them.


Types of Property Lawyers in Nagpur

  • Registration Lawyers in Nagpur - Registration of immovable property is necessary as per laws in India. For a land or residential property, one may need property lawyers in Nagpur to help with the documentation and due process as per Transfer of Property Act, 1882.
  • Real Estate Lawyers in Nagpur - Property advocates in Nagpur particularly dealing with the documentation while buying or selling real estate.
  • Rent Property Lawyers in Nagpur - Rent agreement between landlord and tenants has to be very clear. Any kind of disputes can be avoided or legally dealt with through property advocate in Nagpur.
  • Nagpur Lawyers for Power of Attorney - Among the various types of property lawyers in Nagpur, there are some who specifically deal in drafting general and special power of attorneys (GPA and SPA). It is another mode of transferring proprietary rights to another as per the specific terms mentioned in the document.


FAQs for Property Advocate Near Me in Nagpur


Q- What are property lawyers called in Nagpur?

A- Based on the kind of matters dealt with by a professional lawyer for property in Nagpur, they are termed accordingly. For example, those property advocates in Nagpur dealing with documentation for buying or selling a property are called real estate lawyers.


Q- Which matters do property lawyers in Nagpur deal with?

A- Property disputes lawyers in Nagpur deal with matters which have ownership, possession or title issues. On the other hand, there are Nagpur property advocates who handle documentation, tenancy issues, etc. Thus, it can be said that property lawyers near me deal with a variety of matters related to real estate.


Q- How to find an experienced property advocate near me in Nagpur?

A- Below are Vidhikarya lawyers for property in Nagpur. One may find expert property lawyers in Nagpur through friends or acquaintances as well. 


Q- What is property lawyer fees in Nagpur?

A- The fees charged by property advocates in Nagpur is not a fixed amount. However, one must always be clear of the property disputes lawyer fees in Nagpur before hiring for a particular case. The amount may vary depending upon the experience which the Nagpur property advocate near me holds, the facts of the case and the availability of supporting documents.

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Advocate Anik

Practice Areas :
Property | Privacy | Registration | Sexual Harassment at Workplace | Tax-GST |

Advocate Anish Palkar

Practice Areas :
Property | Divorce | Cyber, Internet, Information Technology | Consumer Protection | Family |

Advocate Kalpana Sanap

Practice Areas :
Property | Will | Documentation | Debt and Lending Agreement | Employment and Labour |

Advocate Noel D'souza
North Goa

Practice Areas :
Property | Debt and Lending Agreement | Cyber Crime | Will | Criminal |

Advocate Surbhi Sharma

Practice Areas :
Property | Criminal | Family | Domestic Violence | Trust And Society (NGO) |

Advocate Abhradip Jha

Practice Areas :
Property | Criminal | Banking | Customs, Excise | Partnership |

Advocate Rhea Luthra
East Delhi

Practice Areas :
Property | Commercial | Criminal | Consumer Protection | Advertising |

Advocate Vivek Tanwar

Practice Areas :
Property | Criminal | Corporate and Incorporation | Sexual Harassment at Workplace | Landlord And Tenant |

Advocate Rajagopal Sripathi

Practice Areas :
Property | Contracts and Agreements | Criminal | Mergers and Acquisition | Documentation |

Advocate Rohit Dalmia
Mumbai suburban

Practice Areas :
Property | Debt Collection | Cheque Bounce | Tax-GST | Adoption |

Advocate J N Dwivedi

Practice Areas :
Property | Criminal | Child Custody | Military Laws | Adoption |

Advocate Rajendra Prasad

Practice Areas :
Property | Civil | Debt Collection | Government Contracts | Registration |

Advocate Manoj Parve

Practice Areas :
Property | Family | Civil | Divorce | Contracts and Agreements |

Advocate Munish Goyal

Practice Areas :
Property | Cheque Bounce | Bankruptcy and Debt | Admiralty and Maritime | Civil |