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Mumbai Divorce Lawyers

Life is obviously undergoing a tough patch for people with the need to search for experienced divorce lawyers in Mumbai. The lawyer for divorce in Mumbai may help the parties understand the technicalities involved and ease their path. A mutual consent divorce lawyer in Mumbai plays an important role if both the husband and wife both are of the view that the marriage can not survive for a lifetime. They may contact famous divorce lawyers in Mumbai to get things sorted sooner. However, if either husband or the wife does not agree to divorce in Mumbai, things may turn bitter and become a legal battle. Before searching for divorce lawyers in Mumbai India, first know the related legal aspects and follow with the list of Mumbai divorce lawyers for consultation.

Contact divorce lawyer in Mumbai suburban for nearby assistance.

Marriage and Divorce in Mumbai

The people who make up the Indian society are well versed with the concept of marriage and consider it paramount. Marriage in our society is said to be the foundation stone to start a family. It comes to an end if those who once wished to stay together through this bond of marriage have come to an irretrievable end. The journey towards divorce may be a little tiring, emotional as well as time consuming. However, with the help of divorce lawyers, the process may be a bit convenient.

Process of Divorce in Mumbai

Marriage as well divorce are subjects of civil laws and governed by religion based personal laws. Some of the personal law legislations for matters concerning marriage and divorce in India are as follows:

  • The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.
  • The Special Marriage Act, 1956.
  • The Foreign Marriage Act, 1969.
  • The Indian Divorce Act, 1869.
  • The Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, 1936.
  • The Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act, 1939.

It may be noted that Muslim laws are a bit different, it is advisable to contact Muslim divorce lawyer in Mumbai for better understanding of the case. If a dispute arises between husband and wife which risks the marriage, the process of divorce in Mumbai usually starts with a petition before family court as per jurisdiction. If the facts of the case allow, the court initially suggests parties to reconsider their decision, particularly if the matter is brought through a mutual consent divorce lawyer in Mumbai. During the process, both the husband and wife are heard by the court and thereafter the court reaches the decision regarding divorce in India.

Since it is a family matter, parties are also advised to consult a family lawyer in Mumbai for matters related to family property and distribution. In case the couple is recently married and has no child, not too much is at stake. However, if they have one or more children out of that marriage, child custody lawyers in Mumbai are a must to be consulted with. 

How to search lawyer for divorce in Mumbai

Sometimes, people find the divorce lawyers in Mumbai online and start with their matter. Later on, they get to know that the advocate they explained every single detail of their case to does not reside in their area. In that case, the case fees for divorce lawyer Mumbai may be more due to additional and unnecessary commutation charges. To avoid that, people are advised to search for nearby divorce lawyers as assisted below.

Searching Divorce Advocate in Mumbai

If you are someone who does not have many contacts for searching Mumbai divorce lawyers, note that location is a must that goes hand in hand with court jurisdiction. So if you resided in Andheri West as a couple, it is better to find divorce lawyers in Mumbai Andheri West. If you married in Dahisar West district and been there since then, consultation can be sought through divorce lawyers in Mumbai Dahisar West. Similarly, Bandra family court divorce lawyers or in other words, divorce lawyers in Mumbai Bandra may help for Bandra Mumbai couples. But if you go for divorce lawyer in Mumbai Borivali for divorce matter with jurisdiction in Goa, it may be a bit troublesome and more costly. That is why the parties should consult divorce lawyers in Mumbai Malad West in case their residential and marriage location matches.

FAQs related to Divorce Lawyers in Mumbai Maharashtra

Q- How much do divorce lawyers charge in Mumbai?

A- The fees for divorce lawyer Mumbai varies depending upon the facts of the case whether it is mutual or contested. Apart from that, the applicable court fee etc. is there as well. Also, leading divorce lawyers in Mumbai as well as the celebrity divorce lawyer in Mumbai may charge way more than a newcomer.

Q- Who pays court fees in Family Court?

A- The parties to divorce themselves have to pay the court fees in Mumbai family courts or otherwise. Usually, it is not inclusive in the divorce lawyer fees in Mumbai.

Q- Should I hire a lawyer near me?

A- Yes, it is advisable to hire a nearby divorce lawyer as it will be more convenient to communicate and also follow the case for both the parties and the divorce lawyers in Mumbai. So people in neighboring areas should search for divorce Lawyers in Navi Mumbai.

Q - How can I find a good divorce lawyer in Mumbai?

A- It depends upon the facts of the case and expertise of the divorce lawyer in Mumbai. If the wife is more comfortable, she may find expert female divorce lawyers in Mumbai. The Senior divorce lawyers in Mumbai may also be of great help for the parties.

Q- Do you need an advocate for divorce in Mumbai?

A- Parties, i.e. divorcing husband or wife are advised to search for the divorce lawyers in Mumbai before jumping to proceedings in family court. Although the personal law may allow parties to bring their matter on their own, it is better to have a professional if you are not well versed with all the legal aspects related to your case.