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Stages of Adoption in India

In this blog the three stages of adopting a baby in India have been discussed. The stages are Registration, Pre-adoption process, and the Adoption process.

For childless couples adopting a child is often a dream that they may have nurtured throughout their lives and indeed when they actually adopt a child, it’s a dream-come-true for them. For such couples adopting a lonely child is a good thing. Even couples with kids seek to adopt intending to provide financial support to lonely and hapless kids so that they are able to live happily ever after. One is not disqualified from adopting a child for being single Even being single is not an impediment to adoption and one big happy family. Regardless of whether a couple is childless or has children of their own the process of adopting a newborn remains pretty much unaltered in India.

Adopting a Baby in India

If one is planning on adopting a child then it's crucial that one is conversant and indeed updated in regards to the procedures. The Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), which is an integral part of the ministry of women and childcare, monitors the adoption-related procedures. A court in the applicable jurisdiction does have the power and is indeed authorized to proclaim an order of adoption. If adopting an orphan child and making the child one’s own is on someone’s wishlist, then the process to follow in stages for adopting a child is as follows:

Stage 1. Registration

Registration of the prospective adoptive parents (PAP) with an authorized agency in close proximity of the residence of the couple ought to be done. Recognized Indian Placement Agencies (RIPA) along with Special Adoption Agency (SAA) are empowered to authorize registration requests. The steps are:

1.      Registration ought to be done with an approved agency like RIPA or SAA. After the registration form is filled up according to Section IV’s provisions along with the essential documents the fee according to the rule has to be paid.

2.      Once the concerned authority receives the form from PAP they would send back a registration slip as an acknowledgment of receipt. The registration form can be filled online as well through the CARA-provided facility.

3.      The other alternative is the adoption of a child through any childcare center except the one, one has registered. In such cases, one ought to apply to the SAA specifying the location one wishes to adopt.

4.      Once one’s request has been processed, one’s name would be added to the appropriate center’s waiting list.

5.      Other than one’s home state if one adopts from any other state similar facilities would be available. If one wishes to go ahead, one would have to contact the State Adoption Resource Agency (SARA) or Adoption Coordinating Agency (ACA) of the concerned state and give them the registration slip.

Stage 2 – Pre-Adoption Process

The authority concerned would be one’s friend, philosopher, and guide when it comes to child adoption. Expert consultants would counsel on parenting and adoption which is particularly helpful both for childless couples and single parents alike.   

Stage 3 – Process of Adoption

The two main steps in this process are

Preliminary Steps

A competent social worker would perform home examination within a maximum timescale of two months from the registration date. It would be necessary for one to provide a report of one’s current medical examination not more than a year old which is the time required for the child’s referral.

Assigning A Child

The SAA would form an Adoption Committee, which would review the PAP’s eligibility and locate a child matching the requirements provided by the SAA.  It's up to the committee to decide whether or not the legal adoption of the child is possible.

Once a suitable child is found, the SAA will grant permission to the adopting couples to see the child by visiting the center. If a couple is ready for adoption of the chosen child, then they would have to accept with their signature on the medical examination report along with the child study report that the SAA provides. The couple would need to provide their local contacts to the agency and adhere to all the rules that the authorities and the courts have laid down. Prior to adoption in full swing, the child could transition into foster care with PAPs.

With the concerned authority satisfied with the ability of the couple to adapt, the adopting couple would be taking care of the child with legal validation and the couple would assume the parenthood of the child.

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Posted On : October 12, 2019

Written By :
Avik Chakravorty

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