Q. Recovery of invested amount alongwith my intrest

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posted 1 year ago

Q.Recovery of invested amount alongwith my intrest
Hi, I invested amount on one of friends company in nagpur(Maharashtra). I live in Banglore. My friend referred me to invest fortune fishery company. They promised me to give monthly return on every 15th of month till 25 months. Now they are not giving return as promised . I transferred amount via cheaque and few online. Also, They promised me to give me agreement but they have not given agreement so far..Now they are saying i will give this month, this that . Please advise what can i take legal action to get my invested amount with interest ?

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Rajeev RJ

Experience: 18 Year(s)

Responded 1 year ago

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A. ) Issue a legal notice to the company and its owners then they will return your money with interest.


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