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UGC regulations related Promotions. UGC regulations related Promotions.

2 years ago

Dear Sir
UGC is the apex body regulating quality of Higher Education in India. All University teachers are paid by UGC pay scales and regulations, the latter set the rules for promotion and recruitment. It's one regulations notified in Gazette applicable to all the teachers in higher education.
The 7th UGC payscale was implemented from 1.1.2016.But the regulations are notified on 16 th July 2018 in which there is a provision for Professor promotion to the college Teachers. It's practice that respective state govt adopts UGC payscale and rules and notifies the same in state Gazette. It's also a practice that all the universities will frame their own statutes after incorporating the rules of the State Gazette notification. So it takes lot of time from UGC regulations to convert in to statutes. Iam actually entitled for a promotion as Professor on 16.07.2018 but was given from the date of assent of Honb'le Chancellor date which in 20.2.2021.Which is against the rules of UGC.
Even in statutes, a paragraph related to promotion clearly states promotion benifits are to be given w. e. f. Date of UGC Regulations in this regard. So our University is not following their own statutes too. One popular University in Karnataka has made Professor promotion from the UGC notification date.
It's not arrogance administrators in not following the UGC rules?. Iam thinking of taking the matter to Court for Justice.
I request the honorouble people to Guide me in this regard.

Kishan Dutt Kalaskar

Responded 2 years ago

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A.Dear Sir,
All such irregularities can be set at right if you approach concerned Tribunal or High Court by filing Writ Petition which will be beneficial to so many aggrieved persons.


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