Refund of Token amount for booking a flat Refund of Token amount for booking a flat

I Have paid an token amount of Rs.1.0 lakhs on 13th of aug'22 for booking a flat with a builder and cancelled it 2 days ago for a reason which i was not comfortable based on reference check and entire amenities will not be ready as they have stopped the construction of one of the blocks. But the Maintenance and amenities charges have been charged upfront. Also in the booking form point no7 they have clearly mentioned that on cancellation on 10% of the booking amount will be forfeited but they are not ready the give the remaining amount - Kindly advice me on how to proceed further

Kishan Dutt Kalaskar Retired Judge

Responded 2 months ago

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A.Dear Sir,
You are entitled for refund as per rules as agreed between you. However, it may take time unless you go to Police and get atleast postdated cheque to secure your amount.

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