Dual Employement , Asking for recovery. Dual Employement , Asking for recovery.

Hi Sir, I joined a new company 2 months before, while I was already on notice period in my old company. now my new company found that and terminated me immediately and instead of paying the current month's salary, they are asking for recovery of the salary whatever they paid earlier. And they are harassing and blackmailing me and calling my parents and giving warnings. I'm afraid for my mom's health she is a heart patient. What can I do please suggest to me sir.

Subhashis Paul

Responded 1 month ago

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A.Since you were on notice period in your previous company therefore you haven't received the release letter from that company and in the same time you started working in another company without informing them the same. You have done a mistake for sure but you should seek an apology from the company and request them to give you another chance since it was an accidental mistake as you were unaware of the same that during serving notice period you cannot join any other company. Hence you request your present company to give you another chance otherwise you may hamper your career. You should take the help of an advocate for solving your problem.

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