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Q.Bank civil issue

Q. Bank civil issue

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posted 2 months ago

I took a business loan from a bank in 2007 after taking the loan then for two years I paid loan months of money Then suddenly my business was closed Then I could not pay the money in the month of the month The letters were coming from the bank One day I went to the bank and said I want to repay the loan completely How much will I pay? Then the manager gave me a calculation And I took a date from the manager And I wanted to pay the loan on that date And then I told the manager that sir I just want to pay the whole lona I'll pay the money together, sir a little less Then the manager did not accept it first and then I said no more than sir But the manager did not tell me once that you will lose your loss and you will never get the loan And I paid less than 10 thousand to the bankAnd the manager gave me a compromise settlement paper
Then after two years I started a business again And I need some money again Then I went to another bank again The bank gave me all the papers and said that everything is okay Come on in such a day I went to the bank that day and told me bank Your name is civil
You will no longer get a loan from anywhere And then I came to know about this issue in the previous bank They said that this matter has been done for you to give less than 10 thousand rupees Then I told the bank that you solved my problem And the bank said it is no longer in our hands

Please sir help me how to I solve my this big issue
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A. Dear Sir,
You may approach the High Court and it has special powers to give you some relief.
For full procedure contact me on mobile through Vidhikarya.
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A. File writ
Vidhikarya Lawyer

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Sunil Kumar Singh

Experience: 17 Year(s)

Responded 2 months ago

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