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Is ownerB accountible as tax is pending from ownerA and not ownerB Is ownerB accountible as tax is pending from ownerA and not ownerB

8 months ago

Property tax not paid by First owner for 1 year in 2009 Property tax not paid by First owner for 1 year in 2009
Posted 2 days ago

in Karnataka,
"Owner A" purchased property in 2008. Khatha transferred to "Owner A" . He has paid property tax in 2008 but not PAID for one year 2009. All other subsequent taxes are paid on time.

"owner B" purchases same property in 2017. Khatha gets transferred to Owner B. All other subsequent property tax dues are paid.

"Owner C" buys the same property in the year 2023. When he visits Corporation for Khatha transfer, he is informed that the property tax is due in the year 2009 for just 1 year. This tax has to be cleared before doing the khatha transfer. All other taxes upto 2023 are paid.

Please help in providing your suggestion here.
No one remembers or has the record to show that 2009 tax is not paid. Now the tax amount with interest is 9000Rs.
Who is liable to pay the property tax if both "ownerA" and "OwnerB" do not respond to call/request from "OwnerC" ?

Is OwnerB accountible here ? Because the pending tax is from ownerA and not ownerB


Responded 7 months ago

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A.Dear client,
Previous owner is liable to pay all dues in respect to the property upto to the date of sale. inform him accordingly. If he does not pay you need to file a suit for recovery of money against the seller.

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