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Q.Tenant Redevelopement

Q. Tenant Redevelopement

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posted 2 months ago

I have two flats in the rental building. One RK and another single room. One is with written lease and other is without written lease. I am paying rent, electricity bills, water bills and incidental maintenance charges for flat without lease for last 12 years. For leased room I get receipt of rent. In the same receipt it is mentioned that additional money received for other room. I had also paid deposit for the non-written leased room but without any receipt. if property goes for re-development should I be treated as legal tenant of both the rooms. If so what will be my rights.
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A. Dear Sir,
You can claim re-indictment after redevelopment of the property if necessary approach Civil Court.

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Replied 2 months ago

Redevelopment is on ownership basis.

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