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Divorce Lawyers in Bangalore

The prerequisites to divorce in Bangalore or anywhere is the solemnization of marriage. Before starting with the search of divorce lawyers in Bangalore online, one should be aware of related key pointers. Keeping in mind the location, it is advisable to seek advice from Bangalore lawyers only since they will be the one carrying forward with the matter in Bangalore family court.

Marriage and Divorce in India

In Indian society, marriage has been considered as a crucial social institution since ages. At a certain age, the society and even parents want their children to get married and start with their social obligations of starting their own family. Since it is a big responsibility to have a life partner, sometimes things do not go as per plan. The initial plan of staying together forever can not be continued and things have to come to an end. 

Marriage and its termination is governed by the personal laws of the husband and wife. If both parties are Hindus, it is the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, Shariyat law that governs the marriage between two Muslims, etc. The concepts of marriage as well as divorce under the Muslim laws are a bit different. Parties should reach out to Muslim Law lawyers for better understanding. If both the parties belong to different religions or otherwise have married under the Special Marriage Act, 1954, the same governs. As per the laws applicable, parties have to reach out to divorce lawyers in India and go on with the process.

Divorce advocate helps the parties, i.e. husband and wife to understand the legal aspects related to divorce. The proposed client, husband or wife, has to share the critical details and matter of dispute with their divorce lawyers. They should also be clear about lawyer fees in Bangalore for divorce before proceeding with filing of matter. A divorce is mutual when both the parties agree to end the marriage. However, things might get difficult if one of the parties wants to continue the marriage while another wants to end. In such cases, there are certain grounds on which divorce in India can be successfully demanded.

Divorce Lawyers in Bangalore

Given below is the list of divorce lawyers in Bangalore/ Bengaluru. Seeking advice from Bangalore lawyers is preferred over any other location if the parties are residing in Bangalore. Location is important while deciding the jurisdiction of any legal matter. The procedure applicable can be understood through divorce lawyers in Bangalore online. One can also check for a mutual divorce lawyer in Bangalore or Bengaluru if both the parties agree for termination of marriage.   

Family Court in Bangalore

Matters related to divorce in Bangalore or Bengaluru are taken up by the Family Court situated on Saddaiah road, Sudhama Nagar, Bangalore. The parties have to approach one among the available list of divorce lawyers in Bangalore online. They may seek advice from Bangalore lawyers and accordingly proceed with the case filing. The concerned divorce advocates in Bangalore shall bring the facts of matter before the honorable court along with the accompanying plea.

Divorce Lawyers in Bangalore: Important Aspects

Before proceeding with the divorce, parties should have an in-depth discussion with Family lawyers in Bangalore. Divorce is not just termination of the marriage. It follows financial obligations like maintenance and alimony. In case the couple has children, parties should also approach Bangalore lawyers for child custody

FAQs around Divorce Lawyers in Bangalore

Q- Where can I get a divorce lawyer in Bangalore?

A- Divorce in India is a personal matter and thus, people prefer to search for divorce lawyers in Bangalore online to keep things confidential. Help can be sought from friends and acquaintances as well to find a suitable divorce advocate in Bangalore/ Bengaluru.

Q- Who is the lawyer in Karnataka?

A- If you are looking for divorce lawyers in Bangalore or in Karnataka, you should know that advocacy is a profession that depends more upon facts of the case apart from the expertise of an advocate. Thus, it is advisable to have a discussion with divorce lawyers in Bangalore regarding your case and decide accordingly for your own case. 

Q- How can I file divorce online in Bangalore?

A- There are legal firms that help through divorce lawyers in bangalore online. The parties can seek expert services where filing etc. can be decided online. Parties to divorce in Bangalore will have to appear before courts as and when required. 

Q- What does mutual divorce lawyer in Bangalore mean?

A- It means a divorce advocate in Bangalore that helps parties seek divorce whereby both husband and wife wish to get separated by ending the marriage. It takes place as a divorce through mutual consent and mutual divorce lawyer helps ease the process. 

Q- How can I get divorce in Bangalore?

A- One should contact the divorce lawyers in Bangalore to understand the detailed procedure. However, the process includes filing of the suit at family court in Bangalore. Both the parties are heard by the presiding officer followed by the decision as per the applicable legal provisions. 

Q- What is a mutual divorce lawyer in India? Is one sided divorce possible?

A- The divorce advocate who handles divorce proceedings for Yes. when both the parties do not agree for the divorce, there are certain grounds provided under the applicable marriage and divorce laws that allow one of the parties to file for divorce.

Q- How much is lawyer fees for divorce in Bangalore?

A- The  lawyer fees in Bangalore for divorce shall vary depending upon the experience and success rate of any lawyer. It will also depend upon the facts of the case and whether it is a contested or mutual divorce.

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