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Hi, I am shifting my place from Pune to Delhi within 30 days. I need to get an NOC from the bank as well as RTO. My question is what if I cannot obtain an NOC within one month and have to move to Del

Posted 2 months ago

A. Dear Client,
The Delhi Police will give you a six-month grace period to change your RTO. Second, you can ask the Banking Ombudsman to direct your bank to make it easier for you to transport your automobile from Pune to Delhi. Let us know if you require any further assistance!
Thank you.
I was harassed by Pondicherry police for driving my friend's car (Karnataka Registration). I had a valid Driving license but they still threatened me to take me to police station. Do I need to obtain

Posted 3 months ago

A. Hi,
If you had all the valid documents pertaining to the car to prove that it is not stolen, then driving a Karnataka registered vehicle on the streets of Pondicherry is not illegal. To avoid any hassles from the police, a bonafide authorisation letter would be beneficial.
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I have sold my two bikes; one in 2013 & another in 2015 but unfortunately still the ownership isn't transferred. Meanwhile, I lost contacts of buyers & got back again recently post which I am trying t

Posted 3 months ago

A. Hi,
It may cause problems for you. It is very necessary to get the ownership transferred or else you may be liable for some acts of the buyer. Please approach a lawyer for legal advice.
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Thank You


I am having commercial vehicle but I am using it for personal use. So can I use white number plates on the place of yellow number plate?

Posted 3 months ago

A. If the vehicle which is registered as commercial it has to be compulsorily affixed yellow number plate. But if you intent to use the vehicle for personal use then you can apply for change of nature of usage and when done you can affix it with white number plate.
Tanmoy  Chattopadhyay
Tanmoy Chattopadhyay
Ayantika Mondal @ Prime Legal
Ayantika Mondal @ Prime Legal
Nikunj Chunilal Gada
Nikunj Chunilal Gada

Rahul Varma

I'm from Hyderabad and I will be purchasing contessa 1998 diesel version if I can drive it around delhi without any trouble. I'm looking for answer if it's possible.

Posted 4 months ago

A. Dear Sir,
It all depends upon the local laws and your capacity to manage the Police. If the local laws says that you cannot run a 22 year old diesel car then it is not advisable to purchase such a car.

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Vishal Thakur

Hi Experts, I just checked and found that there are 12 speeding challan for my HP registered vehicle in Delhi for Rs 2000 each. 7 of them are showing transfered to virtual court and challan ammount fo

Posted 4 months ago

A. Dear Sir,
You may approach the same Court and hire some advocate so that he can plead and get impose only nominal fine amount. In the meanwhile comply the traffic rules since you are not suppose to run HP register vehicle in Delhi.

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Shubhendu Naiya

I am a respectable citizen of my country and am above 18+ years of age and have my driving license and all the papers of my vehicle and all the PUC and registrations already done, this question is reg

Posted 4 months ago

A. Ok here is the answer for you.
First of all these officers are very well trained "psychologically" to catch a person with wrongful mind son have all your papers of the vehicle in place and do not carry anything objectionable or do anything which is objectionable or not allowed on the road. Most of the time they stop those people whom they suspect from their driving pattern or behaviour pattern to have committed something wrong or carrying something which they should not.
Secondly as routing che ...ReadMore


person is working in TNSTC . he got married 2 marriage without knowledge of 1st wife ,He is now on retired condition. His retired amount can get equally to 1st wife ? is it rights,,,, or his rights d

Posted 5 months ago

A. His retirement benefits will be given to him only and on his death it will be given to his fist wife and family whose names would be there as nominee in the service sheet. Second marriage is invalid if he is Hindu
Sidhaarth  S
Sidhaarth S
Pardeep Kumar Dhiman  Dhiman
Pardeep Kumar Dhiman Dhiman
Ayantika Mondal @ Prime Legal
Ayantika Mondal @ Prime Legal


I am heading National Anti Crime and Human Rights Council of India (Private body approved by Govt) in Maharashtra, can we print display board and fix it in our car to travel for our official. Is it pe

Posted 7 months ago

A. Dear Sir
You can display the board at time of official work, it should be approved by government and should work in coordination to them.

yashwant sahu

I have applied online for NOC of my car from chhattisgarh to Bangalore karnataka after all the process of online I had given further process to 1 RTO agent he told he will do in 10 days but after more

Posted 8 months ago

A. Hi,
Serve legal notice of the same to the RTO's superiors. If they refuse to take action, then you can go ahead with filing the FIR.
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