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good morning, I have a question regarding my housing society. My society is registered as a co-operative society from Ahmedabad. In my society few committee members and chairman are not owners/propri

Posted 4 weeks ago

A. Dear Sir,
Before answering your questions bye-laws of the Society is to be read. He can become chairman of the Society if rules permits.

I could have explained more if background is known to me. I am at your service if you visit my office.

Please give me FIVE STAR if satisfied by my answers and you may approach me through Vidhikarya for further clarifications.


We live here in our house in a cooperative housing society here in Bombay for the last 45 years or so. Being Muslims we were never appreciated here, this being a building with majority of Catholics. U

Posted 2 months ago

A. It seems that the society is manifested with lots of problems and mismanagement. What you can do is formally write a letter to the Registrar of the Cooperative society and lodge a complain against all this. Post that the Registrar will intervene to set everything alright.
residents welfare can appoint supervisor , drain cleaner ,road cleaner without labour law to follow

Posted 5 months ago

A. Dear Sir,
It all depends upon local laws of your state.

sangeeta kapoor

I am working with the weavers and want to start an Ngo or cooperative, But dont onow what is best suited in terms of existing laws etc Purpose is that weavers should have direct access to markets .

Posted 1 year ago

A. 1) It is a very good initiative that you are working with the weavers and you want to start NGO of your own you are perfectly on the right path
2) You can start the NGO with you are known group of people. please let me know from which state and city are you in and so accordingly I can guide you more about how to form the NGO? How to register it & the benefits of the NGO?
3) From the current location also the weavers can have Direct access to the markets you can get all the things very much cla ...ReadMore
Ayantika Mondal @ Prime Legal
Ayantika Mondal @ Prime Legal
Ayantika Mondal @ Prime Legal
Ayantika Mondal @ Prime Legal


A bar council registered lawyer can become president of NGO, please describe term and condition regarding to establish of new NGO by a lawyer. Actually I am law graduate fresher and want to establish

Posted 2 years ago

A. Provides that the NGO is not working for gain then yes. Or else, NO.

Gvsaikumar Gv

Dear sir/madam, We are willing to start an NGO,objects of which is to provide legal help and fight legally. But the issue is that i have a doubt that with trust can we do this function ? Or we only ha

Posted 2 years ago

A. Dear Sir,
You can do such services by registering either trust or society.

For full procedure contact me on mobile through Vidhikarya.


1) some companies ask to NGOs to provide 80G and 12A SCAN copy or Xerox "copy" to transfer donations ; so its SAFE to Give Copy of 80G/12A to Companies?? 2) can they misuse to our 80G/12A certificat

Posted 3 years ago

A. share the Xerox copies of those certificates
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