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Things to know about divorce solutions by Lawyers in Delhi

Things to know about divorce solutions by Lawyers in Delhi

Divorce is the discontinuation or the dissolution of the marriage. Through the process of ‘dejure’ separation or divorce, a married couple can legally end their marriage. However, it is different from annulment which only nullifies the marriage contract. Divorce allows for cancelling or rearranging the responsibilities and legal duties of marriage. It dissolves all contracts that the marriage entitles to the couple.

The recent years have seen increasing growth in divorce rates. The laws regarding divorce have changed considerably over the years. Divorce law involves all issues related to marriage. It involves issues related to child custody, distribution of property, alimony, child support, parenting time and the division of debt. Divorce also allows former partners to remarry and form a family.

The divorce rates have been growing alarmingly in the metro cities of India. The past decade saw an increase of divorce in the Indian metros. A recent report by Times of India claims that 40% of marriages in Mumbai and Delhi end in divorces. The divorces remain one of the growing social concern in Indian societies today.

Things to know about divorce laws in Delhi

According to, a web-based independent media platform, divorce in the state capital Delhi has been increasing in double digits. The reasons vary from dissatisfaction to domestic violence. The changing laws have empowered women to fight for their rights and have allowed them justice. Divorces have relieved women of their burden and subjugation to rights. Divorce laws govern all aspects of marriage and its rights in India. Divorce in India is allowed under three different circumstances. These are ‘Divorce by mutual consent’ which allows both the parties to mutually separate and dissolve the marriage. ‘Divorce without mutual consent’ or ‘contested divorce’. This divorce looks into matters relating to cruelty or domestic violence, desertion, conversion of either party, adultery and divorce due to ailments or mental or physical disorders. The third divorce if the ‘Void Marriages’ or illegal marriages are also reasons where a spouse can divorce their partner.

Laws and acts related to divorce in India

Under Section 13-B of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 offers divorce to all religious and social communities in India expect the Muslim community. The Special Marriage Act 1956, allows the divorce to inter-caste marriages and special marriages. The Foreign Marriage Act 1969 offers divorce solutions to partners of other nationalities. There are laws regarding domestic violence and women safety. These laws also empower women to file a divorce. The Indian Divorce (Amendment) Act, 2001 also allows legal separation. The Protection of Women Under Domestic Violence Act (D.V. Act), 2005 also allows the women to file a divorce on grounds of a contested divorce.

Lawyers in Delhi offer divorce solutions through the above mentioned legal divorce procedures. All matters relating to divorce and its subsequent authorities regarding alimony, property rights, custody of child rights are also advised by divorce Lawyers in Delhi. Divorce Lawyers in Delhi are also competent enough to offer credible advice regarding filing of divorce, claiming alimony and other rights as entrusted by the Marriage and Divorce Acts in India.

Posted On : October 10, 2020

Written By :
Neha Roy Choudhury
Neha Roy Choudhury
Allahabad |

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question markHow to seek divorce as per Sharia law?
Dear Client, You may approach an extra-judicial divorce by mutual consent which gives you two options: One is the “Khula” divorce and the other is “Mubarat” divorce form. In both these ways, the wife agrees to let go of her dower or some part of any other property. In a case of mutual consent divorce in Muslim Law, the wife needs to pay some amount of the compensation for dissolving the marriage and getting separated. You may also approach the court for a judicial divorce or separation under the Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act. ' Thank you!
question markI want to understand until the Divorce is done will I still be able to travel to US during this phase.
Hi, 1) Yes, you are allowed to travel to the USA during this phase. However, it is advisable to not travel since you may be requested to appear during these court proceedings. 2)An H4 upon divorce from the H1 is no longer in status. F-1 does not usually allow CPT the first 6 months or year. H4 can go to school to start. Consult with an immigration attorney. If you like my answer, then please rate me
Marriages and divorces are regulated by the personal laws and tradition as applicable to the individuals. In case you are not covered under the HMA then you can follow your own traditional tribal method and post that yo can apply for a declaration suit in the local court for the same.
question markDomestic Violence, Separate mother, Divorce
Yes criminal complaint must have been filed at appropriate time but it still can b filed in case of attempt to murder and other sections of IPC etc. Your mother can file Domestic Violence case and if already filed can pursue it before appropriate Court of Judicial/Metropolitan Magistrate. Divorce can b sought on cruelty and other grounds if applicable with simultaneouly demanding maintenance for self n children and also permanent alimony. For detailed information plz contact through Vidhikarya as facts n circumstances of each case r different n exact n proper advice is encouraged only through perusal of the same. Thanks n regards.
question markI m divorce women so how can I get my cast certificate for my child
To get caste certificate you will have to visit the panchayat/tehsiladar/local Councillor depending on where do you reside and where is your permanent address. Approach the right authority with all necessary documents and they shall issue you the certificate.

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