Eligibility to become Public Prosecutor in India

Posted On : June 28, 2022
Eligibility to become  Public Prosecutor in India
Detail Information about KEA (Karnataka Examination Authority) has published notification 2022 for the recruitment of Assistant Public Prosecutor vacancies. Those Candidates who are Interested to the following vacancy and completed all Eligibility Criteria can read the Notification & Apply Online. In this page we provide the Complete Syllabus of this Recruitment with Latest Update Exam Pattern and the Exam Date also.
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Eligibility to become  Public Prosecutor in India.


Public Prosecutors are the advocates of Government and are in charge of the appeal, trial, and all other court processes. Primarily, conducting a pre-trial investigation in a civil or criminal case, supervising the implementation of penalties, defending the rights and interests of persons and the State by following the measures established by law, and submitting claims and applications to courts in cases as needed by law will be included in your responsibility as a public prosecutor.

A Public Prosecutor should have throughout knowledge of all the laws of India. He should be an expert in studying the cases thoroughly. He should be trained in arranging for the witnesses and the pieces of evidence for any case. He should know all the types of legal notices that can be issued, which may be for and against a government organisation and of course, he should have the skill to advise the Government on different cases. To become a public prosecutor, qualities like persistence, persuasion, focus, hardworking are a must, and they should have good communication skills. In India, the salary for the job of a Public Prosecutor varies according to the jurisdiction in which they are working. These employees working under the Government are qualified to receive income as prescribed by the Government and also receive allowances and incentives. Public prosecutors are sometimes paid a fixed salary without any allowance or perks. Public Prosecutors working in the C.B.I (Central Bureau of Investigation) are paid a fixed salary without any allowances or perks.


Candidates interested in becoming a public prosecutor and making it a full-time career must be law graduates approved to practice in the law field in the given jurisdiction. In many cases, the requirements of experience in this post should be there, and they must go under investigation in a criminal background. From jurisdiction to jurisdiction, the requirements are specific and are different in every jurisdiction, so you should investigate it carefully when they wish to work in those of the jurisdiction. A Public Prosecutor or Assistant Public Prosecutor who is being appointed must have at least seven years of experience as an advocate for the motive of the appointment of a Public Prosecutor or Additional Public Prosecutor. The candidates must have at least ten years of experience as an advocate for being appointed as a Special Public Prosecutor. When the district magistrate is consulting the Sessions Judge, the session judge has to prepare a board of persons qualified to be appointed as the Public Prosecutor at the district level. A Public Prosecutor is appointed by the State Government for the district when a panel of names mentions their names prepared by the District Magistrate under sub-section (3). Among the Asst. Public Prosecutors a Public Prosecutor can benefit by interacting with the Public Prosecutors appointed from the Bar by the Sessions Judge's consultation and vice-versa. The Criminal Procedure Code doesn't explain the extension or renewal of the term of a public prosecutor. The Government has already decided and fixed the term of a Public Prosecutor. The State and the Central Government may appoint a Special Public Prosecutor who has been an advocate for at least ten years for any case or class of cases.


Candidates who aspire to become public prosecutors must appear for the Union Public Service Commission exam (UPSC). There is an interview after the written test. The candidates who will get selected will be informed through email. A candidate must have practised as an Advocate for a minimum of seven years. A Public Prosecutor is also known as a P.P. An advocate who denotes the people of the State or the State in a trial of a criminal case is called a Public Prosecutor. India's current criminal justice system is based on the fact that any crime that any person or group commits against others is considered to have been committed against society. The reproach for any crime and the prosecution is not the victim of the State; instead, it is the responsibility of the State. Any prosecution on behalf of the State is always conducted by the Public Prosecutor. The Prosecutor who works for the public has to play his role critically in maintaining impartiality and purity in the area of criminal justice administration. Prosecutors have been associated either with the adversarial system of common law or the inquisitorial system of civil law. Prosecution means the legal parties who are responsible for presenting the case against any individual, and the individual who's against the case has been presented is called the defendant.Candidate's age must be between 35 years and 45 years of age at the time of applying (The maximum age limit of the candidates belonging to the Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled castes, and Other Backward Classes shall be may be decided from time to time by the Government from)

To become an Assistant Public Prosecutor, Under Section 25 of the Criminal Procedure Code, An Assistant public prosecutor is appointed in all districts to conduct prosecution in the magistrate courts. Candidates who are Law graduates and have experience of a minimum of two years at any bar council at the state level and are not more than 35 years of age can apply for the public prosecutor position. The written and viva examinations are conducted by the respective State Public Service Commission departmentto fulfil the selection criteria. The written examination will include questions from procedural law, general English, criminal law, and some other miscellaneous laws. Direct appointment of Assistant public prosecutors shall remain for two years of the probation period, and those otherwise enlisted will remain for one year as ordered by the competent authority.

In India, there are great opportunities for prosecutors. Positions at entry-level are also available for the new attorneys who have offered their services or gained experience through working as an intern while being in law school. Experience in trial priorly is usually required. Prosecutors who already have state-level experience may desire to move into working as a prosecution at the supreme court. Options like working in a private law firm, working in a corporation, or working as a judge are the other possible career opportunities. The Job of a Public Prosecutor needs a great amount of responsibility. A Public prosecutor is appointed under Section 24 of the Criminal Procedure Code, which comprises any person acting under the commands of a Public Prosecutor.

Assistant Public Prosecuter Syllabus 2022, Exam Pattern, Exam Date 2022

Detail Information about KEA (Karnataka Examination Authority) has published notification 2022 for the recruitment of Assistant Public Prosecutor vacancies. Those Candidates who are Interested to the following vacancy and completed all Eligibility Criteria can read the Notification & Apply Online. In this page we provide the Complete Syllabus of this Recruitment with Latest Update Exam Pattern and the Exam Date also.


KEA Assistant Public Prosecutor Syllabus 2022 - Overview

Organization Name

Karnataka Examination Authority

Post Name

Assistant Public Prosecutor cum Assistant Government Pleader

No Of Posts


Selection Process

Prelims, Mains

Job Location




Official Site



KEA Assistant Public Prosecutor Syllabus 2022

Reasoning & Mental Ability

1. Mirror Images 2. Grouping Identical Figures
3. Figure Matrix Questions 4. Problem on Age Calculation
5. Decision Making 6. Inference 7. Analogy
8. NonVerbal Series 9. Test of Direction Sense
10. Number Series 11. Alphabet Series 12. Arguments
13. Ven Diagram 14. Blood Relations
15. Coding and Decoding  15. Number Ranking
16. Arithmetical Reasoning

Civil Laws & Acts

1. Code of civil procedure 1908   2. Cyber Law
3. Transfer of Property Act,1882   4. Indian Contract Act,1872
5. Specific Relief Act,1963    6. Indian Constitution
7. Limitation Act     8. Code of Criminal Procedure-1973
9. Indian Penal Code-1860 10. Indian Evidence Act,1872

Law Paper-I

1. Framing of issues  2. Framing of charges
3. Principles of Pleading  4. Drafting of pleadings

Law Paper-II

1. Code of Criminal procedure -1973  2. Indian Evidence Act,1872
3. Indian Penal Code-1860

Law Paper-III

1. Constitution of India   2. Cyber laws
3. Code of Civil Procedure-1908 

KEA Assistant Public Prosecutor Exam Pattern 2022

Prelims Exam



No.of Question



Paper I

Aptitude Test: English and Kannada Comprehension



90 Minutes


General Knowledge: Reasoning & Mental Ability



90 Minutes


Civil Laws & Acts



3 Hours






Main Exam



No.of Question




Law Paper 1



3 Hour


Law Paper 2



3 Hour


 Law Paper 3



     3 Hour

Exam Date : Update Soon

Starting Date of Application Form : 10th October 2022

Last Date of Application Form : 08th November 2022

Total Post : 124


Source :


Karnataka Education Authority (KEA)




The idea of a prosecutor working for the public is one of the most important components of the justice system for criminal cases, and most countries follow it. A Public Prosecutor must be impartial, honest, and follow all the law provisions in India. The main objective at the back of all this work is to accomplish the ends of justice fairly and quickly.



Written By:
Kishan Dutt Kalaskar Retired Judge

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