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Education of opportunity deprived children Education of opportunity deprived children

6 years ago

We are running a FREE NON-FORMAL, RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL 'Kaliyuva Mane, for the benefit of rural opportunity deprived children. Brief profiles of such children are given below: Please suggest a course, whether to file a PIL or a write petition. Please suggest a lawyer with a strong social concern.

A. Prajna team children who are appearing for the 10th std. Board exam- 2018.

1) Vighnesh R. (DOB: 25-04-2001): The boy’s father was undergoing life imprisonment on the charges of murder of his wife. So, Vignesh was given free hostel facilities in Bengaluru, specially meant for prisoner’s children and was admitted to a Govt. school. But the 8-year-old child did not like the emotional environment at the hostel. So, after staying in Bengaluru hostel for a year, the child refused to go to Bengaluru again. The boy’s uncle, an autorickshaw driver who stays in Mysuru admitted Vignesh to a private Kannada medium school in Mysuru. The boy did not attend the classes properly. At that time, the child neither wanted to be in a school nor in a hostel, but wanted to be in a home where he would get ample love, care and empathy. His uncle once visited Kaliyuva Mane and was impressed by the emotional environment prevailing at Kaliyuva Mane. So, Vignesh joined Kaliyuva Mane on 02-10-2010, at the age of 9 years. The boy needed an alternative school for his overall education. Having achieved that, the child, Vignesh, is appearing for the10th standard Board examination in English medium in 2018 and hope to pass the examination securing more than 60% marks. [Vignesh’s father’s affidavit is attached.]

2) Kiran (DOB: 28-02-2002): The child belongs to a Scheduled caste BPL family in Gujjegowdanapura village. His parents are not educated. His uncle, a school dropout, passed the 10th standard examination in 2010 from Kaliyuva Mane. So, on his influence Kiran joined Kaliyuva Mane and studied for a year. Then his parents shifted him to an English medium convent which had come up in their village. But after few months, Kiran refused to go there and dropped out. Kiran joined Kaliyuva Mane again. On gaining confidence and required education he is scheduled to appear for the 10th standard Board examination in English medium in 2018 and hope to pass the examination with flying colours.

3) Shankar M. (DOB: 03-03-2000): The child belongs to a Scheduled tribe rural BPL family. Both his parents are uneducated. Father is an alcohol addict and does not take any responsibility. Mother works as a coolie. Shankar was going to a village school, but not regularly. He was lagging behind in the studies too much. Eventually, he dropped out of the Government school. He started to work in a liquor shop. His sister (Kumari Shwetha), who was a school dropout and had joined Kaliyuva Mane in 2007, had passed the 10th standard examination in 2012. Due to her influence, Shankar joined Kaliyuva Mane on 01-06-2012. He needed an alternative school for his overall education and development. Shankar not only gained self-confidence but also has prepared himself to appear for 10th standard examination in English medium this year and hope to pass with flying colours.

4) Divyashri (DOB: 21-07-2000): Divyashri had lost her father in a vehicle accident, during her early childhood. Child’s mother was not educated and was working as a peon in a school in Andhra Pradesh. After the demise of her father, her maternal uncle who works as an electrician in Mysuru, took the responsibility of the girl. So, the girl joined a private English medium school in Mysuru. But she was unable to learn at the expected pace and fail to reach the grade. The girl’s elder brother had studied in Kaliyuva Mane and passed 10th standard examination in 2014. securing more than 75%. (Now he is studying B.E. in RVCE, Bengaluru, after passing Diploma in Engg course and clearing the CET). On her brother’s advice, Divyashri joined Kaliyuva Mane on 10-04-2014. In June 2014, when she was subjected to an informal test, she was not in a position to identify Kannada alphabets. So, we requested her maternal uncle to get a report from a clinical psychologist. As per the report, her IQ was 100, but academic level was at the level of 4th standard, at an age of 13 years. She was suffering from an intellectual disability of 60%. She needed an alternative school to help her tone up her academic studies. Divyashri is appearing for 10th standard examination in English medium in 2018 and hope to pass with flying colours. [A copy of the psychological report from the All India Institute of Speech and Hearing Mysuru is attached.]

5) Roopesh (DOB: 24-08-2001): Roopesh belongs to a village in Ramanagara district. Both the parents are illiterates. Parents wanted their child to study in an English medium school. So, he got admitted to a private English medium school. Unable to cope with the pressure he failed to reach the grade. As per the advice of the neighbours, his parents got him admitted to Kaliyuva Mane on 16-04-2014. He was taken to All India Institute for Speech and Hearing Mysuru, for a psychological assessment. As per the report, his IQ being 100, but academic level is of the 4th standard. He needed an alternative education institution which would enable him to improve his academic level. On spending three years in a constructive way in Kaliyuva Mane, Roopesh is appearing for the10th standard examination in English medium in 2018 and hope to pass with flying colours. [A copy of the psychological report from the All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysuru is attached.]

6) Vinod (DOB: 26-09-2001): Vinod belongs to Basavanapura village of Mysuru Taluk. His parents are illiterates. Father is a construction worker and an alcohol addict. Mother works as a domestic help. Vinod was going to a rural Government Kannada medium school. His home environment was not conducive for studies. The child could not learn at the expected pace. He needed an alternative school which would enable him to enhance his learning skills. As per the advice of her mother’s well-wisher, Vinod joined Kaliyuva Mane on 10-06-2013 as a day scholar. After spending two years, he decided to become a resident scholar in Kaliyuva Mane. Vinod with due support and guidance has prepared for appearing the 10th standard examinations in English medium in 2018 and hope to pass with flying colours.

7) Prabhish (DOB: 04-01-2002): Prabhish belongs to a rural Scheduled caste family. Parents have some education. Parents chose an English medium private school for Prabhish. Prabhish completed 6th standard in the same school (Thanks to the existing system of promoting children to next higher standards irrespective of the learning outcome.) After some time, the Parents came to know about Prabhish’s learning difficulties. His parents took him to All India Institute of Speech and Hearing Mysuru for an analysis. As per the report dt. 31-05-2013, his IQ being 100 and the academic level that of a beginner of Kindergarten. So, the parents admitted him in another private Kannada medium school for 7th standard. But the KG level boy failed to grasp the 7th standard lessons. So, parents brought Prabhish to Kaliyuva Mane on 10-04-2014 with an identified need for an alternative school to help him with his studies. Inspite of certain identified personal constraints, Prabhish is putting his best foot forward and preparing himself, with the active and encouraging support of his teachers, to attempt successfully the10th standard Board examination in English medium in 2018. [A copy of the psychological report from the All India Institute of Speech and Hearing Mysuru is attached.]

B. Profile of some more ‘Out of System’ children.

8) Pranesh Mourya: Pranesh Mourya belongs to a rural scheduled caste BPL family. Pranesh Mourya got a seat in a reputed English medium CBSE school under RTE quota. But he could not learn at the expected pace, in spite of the remedial classes provided to him. This had a negative effect on the child’s self-confidence. According to 5th standard progress report, his overall grade was E2 and he was promoted to 6th standard as per norms. So, his dissatisfied parents got him admitted to ‘Kaliyuva Mane’ in June 2017 as a resident scholar. With his background, he needed an alternative school. He was taken to All India Institute of Speech & Hearing for a psychological assessment. According to the report given by the clinical psychologist, his IQ was 100 but his academic level was equivalent to that of a 1st standard student, at an age of 11 years. According to the report, the child falls under the category, ‘children with special needs’ or ‘disadvantaged child’. After joining Kaliyuva mane, a marked improvement is noticed in his approach to the subject studies he is engaged with. [A copy of the 5th standard progress report, and a copy of the psychologist’s report are enclosed.]

9) Bhoomika: Bhoomika lost her father when she was young. Bhoomika’s mother was illiterate and struggling to lead life with five children. Her two children were working as coolies. Another two children were studying in an orphanage. 9 years old (approximately) Bhoomika was in Bengaluru taking care of a one-year young infant. One of our well-wishers introduced Bhoomika’s mother to Kaliyuva Mane. Thus, Bhoomika joined Kaliyuva Mane on 04-06-2012 as a resident scholar. She did not have any documents such as TC, birth certificate, Aadhar card, caste certificate, income certificate etc. Initially she was not happy at Kaliyuva Mane. She was happier rather taking care of the child at Bengaluru. It seems, she used to spend her time happily watching Television in that house. She needed an alternative school which would not only allow flowering of her overall development and growth but also would kindle her interest in studies. Gradually, she started evincing interest in studies. She is progressing well in her studies in Kaliyuva Mane. With the support extended to her, now she has now an Aadhar Card. [A copy of the mother’s affidavit is enclosed.]

10) Ramesh: Ramesh belonged to a rural scheduled tribe family. He did not have both the parents. His elder sister was doing some odd jobs for a living. His grandmother was blind. He dropped out from the rural Government school without completing 2nd standard, due to lack of guidance and inherent disinterest in structured studies. A well-wisher of Ramesh brought him to Kaliyuva Mane. He was 12 years old then. In one of the routine medical tests at Kaliyuva Mane, it was discovered that he was suffering from a heart ailment. Now he is under regular care and medication. It was observed he needed an alternative school for his education. Since joining Kaliyuva mane, surprisingly, he could regain interest in studies and evolving well educationally too. He will be appearing for 10th standard Board examination in the year 2019. [A copy of the affidavit and psychological report from the All India Institute of Speech and Hearing is attached.]

11) Surya: Surya belongs to a broken family of scheduled caste category. Father deserted the family and was living separately. Surya’s uneducated mother was working as a domestic help in Bengaluru. Surya was going to a free school. Due to inherent dislike for studies, lack of guidance at home, in the guise of going to school, he used to play with children, watch movies etc. One day, house owner’s sister ‘Bhavya’ who works as an advocate in Mysuru, visited her sister’s house at Bengaluru. During her interaction with Surya, she was shocked to know that a 12-year boy was not in a position to identify even Kannada alphabets properly. She had experience of working as a volunteer in ‘Pratham’, an organization working in the field of education. So, she convinced Surya’s mother about the importance of education. Thus, Surya joined Kaliyuva Mane – a free residential non-formal school on 13-06-2016. After a few days, he was taken to All India Institute of Speech & Hearing for a psychological assessment. Though his physical age was 12 years, his actual mental age was that of nine (09) years. His IQ was 75. His academic level was at Kindergarten. Presently he is very happy at Kaliyuva Mane and has started learning slowly. [A letter from the advocate & a copy of his psychological report are enclosed.

12) H. Prajwal: Prajwal belongs to a rural BPL Scheduled caste family. Prajwal’s mother is an illiterate widow. She was working as a domestic help in a village. The owner of that house helped Prajwal to join a private Kannada medium school. The child obediently attended the school 233 days out of 234 days in the year 2013-14. The child passed 5th standard. Later, the mother joined garment industry. She wanted to admit Prajwal into a private school. She came to Kaliyuva Mane and sought our help. The boy was 11 years and 6 months old then. We wanted to educate the child. His poor academic level prompted us to send him to the Clinical Psychologist of All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysuru for an assessment. As per the Psychologist's report, child's IQ was 100. But the child's academic level was that of 2nd standard child. The child suffered from an academic lag of more than 3 years. The boy did not have learning disability either. According to the report, his academic difficulties have to be addressed by evolving a learner paced, individualized and activity-oriented program preferably in native language. So, he needed an alternative school where the system provides a learner paced education and curriculum. He is evolving slowly at Kaliyuva Mane. He is being taught at his pace of learning. Vocational training, it appears, is best suited for him to hone his skills in that area. [A copy of the Transfer certificate of his previous school and his psychological report are attached.]

Deepak Yashwantrao Bade

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