legalization of marriage certificate for family visa

Posted On : February 1, 2021
legalization of marriage certificate for family visa
legalization of Document
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We offers fast and secure certificate attestation for Marriage Certificate. If you are planning to settle in foreign country with your spouse or visiting any foreign country, due to some personal reason, Apostille is required. Apsotille, can be considered as the stamp or seal provided by the authorities of the country, to ensure the authenticity of the documents. Our services for apostille require necessary documents issued from the state of India, with a copy of passport and you can leave the rest with us. Our services for Apostille are highly reliable and we prefer not to disturb our client unnecessarily by picking up the documents from our office or by their physical presence. We have designed our process in such a way that you can drop your documents to our common pick up center in each city and rest will be taken care by our staff.


We understand the security of the documents and ensure their pick up and drop through our partnered courier services, Blue Dart. Your documents are secure with us. If you are requesting for the apostille services for Marriage Certificate, the entire process of apostille may take up to 10-15 days. The process involves apostille from various departments. This includes apostille of the Marriage Certificate firstly from, Notary followed by Ministry of External Affairs, then by Embassy of the foreign Country in India. Another process for apostille includes Sub Divisional Magistrate Apostille and followed by MEA Attestation, then by Embassy in Mumbai City, India. In case, if your documents are not translated in English language, don't worry, our services ensures the translation process as well.


We own a staff that can assist you as the process initiate, till it gets completed, through email or messaging services. We have a team of employee, who can walk you through to the entire process of Apostille, in case you have any doubts. The entire process for Apostille, takes place in Mumbai city. All you need to do is, provide us the details of the services and let us be the in charge of the job, with a standard and minimal fee. You can either pay for the services through Online banking or you can send us the DD in the name of the company.


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nitin rupareliya

nitin rupareliya

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