Photo copy of the original from lower court is enough - A Step to curtail delay

Vedant Lakhotia
The Hon’ble Supreme court held in a recent judgment that when the records of lower courts are summoned by higher courts then the lower court may send only photocopy / scanned copy and retain the original copy. This will speed up the proceedings. If the revisional court /appellate court had summoned for the original record, then the court can keep photocopy / scanned copy of the same and return the original copy to the lower court forthwith. The original record should only be summoned when photocopy or scanned copy cannot serve the purpose. The above will atleast bring down the time required and would also prevent to a large scale the happenings of misplacing the documents. The time required would cut down to some extent as the scanned copies would come in to play. This move will demand clear scanning as because if the scan is illegible hen the courts will not be able to read the same properly and thus will end up in taking more time. This will mark the department to work diligently taking special care that the scan is of good quality so that the entire measurement does not fail miserably. In my opinion, it is overall a good initiative, but then this also increases the burden on the department responsible for completing the act. Returning of the Original copy to the Lower court forthwith is a very good initiative and the same will ensure that the records can be called up at any stage because the original copy is there in the custody of the lower court.    


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