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spouse issue spouse issue

3 years ago

Hi Madam/Sir,

I married to a girl who is a resident from Tirupati. My place is 26KM from Tirupathi. i was married to that girl on June 7th 2019. She did MBA , she has three sisters i married to elder one. I dint take single rupee from them. They only did the marriage with 5 to 6 Lakhs rupees of money. She was happy with me only for one month.

They started indirectly like asking my salaries and Expenditure etc. I have been replied to their parents what is the point of asking my salary and Expenditure its non of your business. You can ask me like if i did any harm to your daughter or if i dint keep any food clothes, hospital, Entertainment etc, how much i am getting everything your daughter knows, then what is the point of you asking me. Then they stopped for a while.

Within this one month each and every weekend i have been traveling from Bangalore to My native place. Then they asked me to keep a family at Bangalore. Then i setup a family at Bangalore. On the day of setup a family my parents and their parents came to Bangalore. My Parents returned back to my native the day itself only because we are from farmers family. My in-laws were there for one week. One day they asked me to take some initial home needs, then i said to my wife i dont need because you guys did a marriage still you have two more sisters, you can see now i have already bought all the necessary things before you guys comes here then she told to me my father will feel if you dont consider his request any way he has only 50K.

Then i accepted my wife proposal and i took only one refrigerator, one tv , two chairs, one mattress and some containers its all over 42k rest i gave to them. After one week my in laws went to their home. I believed her like anything i used to go office morning when i back she was so happy to receive me. i thought that she was happy with me but in the background daily their parents used to call her asking her to take control of me.

I told her by the time i came to home just you can call my parents and just ask them like eat the food or what work is going on fields like that at the same time you can call to your parents as well. I told her if you take care of family then i will concentrate on carrier .She used to do same for some time.
We came to My native when lockdown imposed. she was there with me for one and half month till may24th before that only i sent her to their home for one week. Before that and all when i visited my place for festivals and all my in-laws used to call after three days four days when you guys going Bangalore again. I used to take her my in-laws home when i returned back to Bangalore.

They literally started me to separate from my parents and brother and sister, Even when we stay at my native place My wife and My Sister-in -law never came to fields we never asked them and keep food at fields as well , only they used to do house hold work only. For that also my in-laws told me like we dint gave my daughter to you for doing service to your parents, they were behaving like this.

On May 24th 2020 My in-laws came to my home and again they asked us we need to take my daughter to my home for some days. Then i said Uncle i already sent right one week before one month , we will come for First Wedding anniversary to there they dint listen my words finally i sent her along with them. then i went to their home on June 5th for my wedding Anniversary,

We celebrated very nicely at the end of the day i asked her come we will go to our home, then she said i will not come there , her mother also told we will send my daughter to Bangalore directly . I said aunty now you know situation full of Covid how i can keep family over there. If i want to go there no transport at all. Then they said then leave my daughter here only .Then i tried to convince them nealy one hour of time but no use .

Finally i returned to my place. When i reached home my parents asked where is your wife then i said all the things what happened over there then my Brother called to then they said full of allegation on me. My brother told them bring her to here we will talk they dint accept his words as well.

Then my father called to them no response same to my mother and my uncles also called to them. after two days i only went again but no response from them , then i called to the person who did this marriage he is my wife maternal uncle only, he also not responded to my family. Finally one day we went to my wife maternal uncles home only. He told their perception is different your perception is different and i asked him what is that then he said they will said her to Bangalore only.

I told him i will take her you know all my friends vacated houses over there but i dint vacate my house i will bring her there i have been paying rent every month. They stopped her there for two months after two months they send her to my place within this time we went their home so many times . Finally she came on July 14th .

After three more days again her father called to me at night he was asking me when you are going to Bangalore then i said uncle if i want to go bangalore i need to register at seva sindhu app and i need to get pass from my place as well, then only i can book the ticket then she was telling that you can come tomorrow morning dad i will come to our home again.

Then i prostrated on her legs and i begged her like anything why are you behaving like this then i opened my laptop in front of her i raised request and everything then she calm. Finally we started on July28th to Bangalore at that moment also i took her to their home and we spent some time and we left to Bangalore. There we were two months so much scare lot of COVID cases near my area if i go out for something also full of afraid. I was leading life like that she never go out for groceries as well i only need to go after my office work.

My brother is government employee due to him my father dint get any beneficiary from government , we thought that need to separate the ration cards. i supposed to start on October9th Evening my wife also knows i booked the tickets. On October4th and 5th my niece and nephew one year and three years babies birthday i kept their status , she began to start again quarrel with me.

I told her they are small kids what they did to you why are you behaving like this, i have been observing you when i called to my parents and and sisters you are moving out of from me this too bad , then she stopped talking with me she is in mood off , then we need to start on 9th October evening i asked her go and settled own the luggage she never accept my words, i stopped my work and i went to her and sat with her i begged like anything for 20 minutes she dint reply finally i only told her you are not interested to come to home then she said yes,on top of that she told if at all i want to come there i need separate house and separate gate etc .

she told i will not come with you then i said stay here only i will go and come she said okay, then i prepared my luggage , i was about to leave from there then she told go now you will get to know that what will happened here.
Then immediately i called my father-in-law i was telling all the things he asked me you came again its not been two months as well, i told him listen first uncle i dint came we about to start but you daughter doing like this what i have to do you tell me once, then he said i am doing politics with my wife, then i went to my wife i asked her what politics i am doing with you i am sitting in front of you and doing work here only right , why your father telling like this , then she freaked out on me hey why are you asking me , dono might be doing politics and she raised hand on me , i got angy and slapped once on back thats it she began to start crying .

My in-laws called her continuously she dint pick the call i only picked the call and i given to her they started conversation on tamil i dont know tamil , then suddenly she told i am coming i am so happy for that moment. She took all clothes what their parents gave to her , i asked her why you are taking all old clothes, she replied to me bava you took so many clothes to me right i will give this old clothes to my sisters.

Then i believed her, then finally i asked to wear new dress what we bought last week for you she said no problem let it be this is fine for now. But still their parents keep on calling her, i asked her why they are eating your brain this is very bad, give me your phone i will keep with me , then she said no let it be with me , then i said no you mind will divert i will remove sim from your phone , let them call me i will respond accurately. Then she accepted , removed the sim .they dint call me for a 10 minutes.

They dint call me to my number that time as well, she sit-down at home itself only if you give my sim i will come from here or else i will not, then finally i gave her sim. The moment i inserted sim she got call. We went to bus stop and we boarded into bus, she told we will back again once ration card splitting done i said okay, but their parents keep on watching her whole night, early morning 2AM i asked her why they are calling like this, then she said i have to go my home and will come back again she said , i told her every time when we came from Bangalore directly we used to go my native place first then when we back to Bangalore we were going to your home right, she said no no this time i have to go my home first she said , then i accepted. As soon as i get down from bus their parents were there, she removed the watch and sim and kept on my pocket and went with their parents she dint ask me to come.

I went to my sister home at tirupathi, then my brother-in-law called to her maternal uncle he said i will talk dont worry they should not do like this .
Its been 5 and half month he dint call back us.

Then i went to my village my parents asked where is she i told them she will back on Monday directly for ration cards she has some problems. Then monday my birthday and my brother came from his place for ration card splitting , i called to my in-laws numbers they respond me back. Then i got to know that again these guys doing some drama first time they took her daughter for two months they dint send back at that moment they keep some conditions like,
1. I have to come to my native twice in a year.
2. She dont want to talk my parents.
3. I need to do marriages for her sisters. With my money
4. I need to give entire salary to her only.
5. I should not talk with my brother and sisters as well.

she dint come to ration card splitting and she dint call me as well. After two days i only went to their home along with my maternal uncle, she told only small misunderstanding , then she told he beat me once , then my uncle told this is small issue ma dont think it as a broad way, then she told who gave rights to him , they talked like that , again her mother asking my salaries and expenditure and all , then i told her aunty , if at all i am doing any harm to you daughters ask me , if i am not keeping any food clothes, hospital ....etc then you can ask i am responsible for that...then she dint listen my words she is shouted like anything.

Finally we asked my wife opinion she told she will come after some days, then my uncle asked how many days one week , one month, one year....like this , she replied to that she want 15 days. We accepted i asked her come will go to our home now will stay there for one day , i will bring you again here i will drop and i will back to Bangalore , you can come after 15 days only. Then the moment i said like this she denied again. She need to discuss with her father again , then we called to her father her father told no we will not send her he said like this.

We asked her once your father comes you can talk and call us we will come and bring you, she accepted. Two days gone we dint receive any call from her ,i went to Bangalore after 16th day i called her again she told she need to stay some more time then i talked with her mother and father i said to them , bring her to Bangalore directly you can enquire here , if at all i am doing any harm to your daughter. You can send her directly we will stay here some time by that time all will settled own or else i will come for Diwali we will sit and talk each other they dint respond none of the above. I came to Diwali they dint call me

Again after two more days my two maternal uncles went to their home that day her father also there same questions again who gave the right to him why he beat my daughter , why he dint tell his salaries.

You are not the one come and talk here send them his parents , they has to come here and give apologies to my daughter, then my uncles told its been 40 days why you dint call them at least your daughter should call to them and explain the issue with her husband, if you call right away his parents will come , they said we will call but they dint call again as of now they dint call my parents even i dint receive single call from them iam the one who called them regulary.

I waited for two more days at my native we dint receive any call from them i went to Bangalore again, i used to call her when i was in Bangalore you can come here directly why you guys are doing like this, my neighbors also called her , what harm your husband did for you we have been watching here right he is taken care of you like anything , why you behaving like this. Then she said to neighbors he touched my EGO , he has to suffer and their parents has to come and touch my legs then only i will come back.
I was calling her and talking i told her come , if you dont come tell me i will vacate the house then she said as your wish, i informed her three times she told three times as your wish, then finally one day i said her nov24th i will gonna vacate if at all you will come tell me date i will keep the house or else i will vacate she told as your wish, nov 24th came vehicle came , again i asked neighbors call to my wife ask her opinion.
When i was there she used to call to neighbors, and that neighbors told if you dint come for some more time what if he sent divorce then she replied to that let him send i will not keep sign , i need once crore then only i will accept divorce or else he has to come as illutatom-son-in-law .
She said waste of calling , i asked her please call once, they called in front of me she dint respond to them as well, she told to them why are you behaving like brokers.

I felt so sad , finally i vacated the house. When i came to native my brother got to know that i came to my village he was at Vijayawada from there he called to my in-laws she was talking like anything she cut the call in between conversation. morning i went police station of her area i spoke to CI sir , sir called to them they dint pick the call , i took the constable to her home, sir asked where is your father , she said he is at upstairs , then sir asked her to go and bring him.
She went and come back she told he is not there , his bike is there slippers were there i asked my wife without bike uncle will not go out why you are lying that it was like 11.30AM , i knew he dint go out without bike , only he will go walking early morning and Evening. Then cops asked her what is the issue , then she said no issue only small misunderstanding then he asked what is that he beat me once, then he asked did he asking any dowry , did he torching for anything, did he not care of you well. did he has any illegal affairs, do you have any problems with your in-laws and his family she said no all he asked she replied that nothing. Then he said go with your husband she told no my father not there, then he asked the same thing you can come and inform to CI sir.
they came , CI sir also asked same questions , she said nothing then sir asked you can go with your husband. She dint reply then finally sir only asked what is your demands, then she said tomorrow i will bring my father and my maternal uncle and she left.

Following day i went to station sir called to her father he gave to lawyer directly, then lawyer told this is family issue , i will settle down the matter dont involve you guys. He gave his number to cops and he asked me to call, why i should call , where were the lawyer all these days at least they could have called me when i took cops, or lawyer could have took my number from then and call , i was waited till the day, i dint receive any call from them. They said lawyer involved here we will not interfere here after. I went to one lawyer i sent one leegal notice to her saying that you are expecting me to come as illutatom-son-in-law. you were not happy with me , and giving torcher to me, i dint mentioned all the things what they did for me. Please come and join with me.

I received reply for that after 13 days saying that full allegations harassment , dowry , i used to beat her daily , i dint allow her to talk their parents, i abused her daily , i suspected her. i only drop her at home for dowry. full of allegations and finally they said that please persuade your client to setup a family at Bangalore. I sent immediately rejoinder for that i can prove my self i dint do any harm for you , i dint do any above allegations. i am not gonna setup family at bangalore due to your cunning behaviour , as soon as you received a notice yu can come and join with me at my native place.

Its been two and half months no reply, again i sent volunteers from station two times they dint repond, i used to text her call her no reply as of now, again i sent my maternal grandfather for him also no response , now they are telling that full of allegations, i am also asking them to come and prove i said this with help of some mediators but they dint come up. Now they demanding one crore rupee from me.

They dint respond to anyone i dont know what i have to do please help me on this.
I am begging you like anything Madam/Sir , i dont know what i have to do right now its been 5 and half months. No call from them no mediations from them they are not at all coming out for anything.

Please help me on this how i can get out of from this issue.


Responded 3 years ago

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You have been subjected to mental cruelty. Also a fake case against you has been filed for harassment and cruelty.
You can file for divorce on these grounds. Also claim damages for defamation.

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Responded 3 years ago

Since this is a false case of 498A, you can file a suit for defamation and mental cruelty on all the grounds you mentioned above. It can also be taken as a ground for divorce if you desire to seek so.

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