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Q. Not giving full and final payment and not updating record in EPF Record.

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posted 1 month ago

question iconNot giving full and final payment and not updating record in EPF Record.

Hello, i was working in a company..and by mistake HR put other employees pf and pension amount in my UAN..and i return PF Amount which is showing in my EPF statement...but pension amount is showing 0 bacause pension calculates according to no.of year and last basic not by according to deposit amount. But HR force me to pay that and saying i will deduct it from you FNF settlement. I said you keep my cheque and i and process my pension withdrawal if anything extra i will give you till that you can keep my FNF cheque but he deny and said you have to give a cheque of his pension amt.otherwise i will duduct from you fnf amount..then my all fnf amount will go.
What to do plz suggest.

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Responded 1 month ago

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A.Dear client,
what your HR is doing is completely unjust. You can either file a complaint with RPFC or initiate a criminal case against your employer with the police or complain to the chief vigilance officer appointed by the labour ministry.
Thank you

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