Want to know which court we need to refer Want to know which court we need to refer

I want to file case on FSSAI officers that they let him work at my premises. I complaint regarding them four month ago on jansunwayi portal. FSSAI officers confirmed me that FBO don't have license. I complaint about this to divisional commissioner still no action taken on FBO. Authorities said that they will take action. However that action pending since last four years. I just to know to can I file case against them at local civil court?

Requesting you to kindly provide me information regarding above case.

Abhimanyu Shandilya

Responded 11 months ago

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A.Dear Client,
It is not clear from your question that what is your exact grievance and how FSSAI is involved here. In case you have some complaints towards FSSAI then you can file a case against them in High Court as they are government organization. I would suggest that you speak to some lawyer and explain your issues properly.

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