Domestic violence against Senior Citizen Female Domestic violence against Senior Citizen Female

10-08-2022: Whom to contact for domestic violence and harrasment and continuous threat of being killed. My daughter and her husband are continuously harassing me for my house. She is staying with us and sometimes goes to visit her husband who is staying in a rented house located very near to our own house(owner). She even has a Kid (boy) who is staying with is since birth. I do all the child's tasks like taking care, food, clothing, schooling,etc. Being mother and father they don't care about their child. I being a human for the sake of humanity is taking care of her child but along with that I am facing both physical and mental torture form her. I even went to local police for help and even gave them in writing. I feel helpless now. W
God knows what will happen to the kid. According to me she and her husband are after the house(property) as she wants my death. My son is also staying with me and is writing this question on my request. My son is also helpless in this matter. I just want to know that is there anything that can be done so that atleast the kid becomes safe? Can my daughter get punishment like jail if possible? Please guide me.
Name: Minati Biswas
Age: 64
Address: will share later

Abhimanyu Shandilya

Responded 1 month ago

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A.Dear Client
I am sorry to know about the situation and feel bad about you. What you can do is to go and meet the Protection Officer and lodge a complaint to him/her. In case you are finding it difficult to approach then you can take the help of a lawyer for this.

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