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If MC of aHousing Society has less than 6 members what consequences


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A.The consent of at least 10 adult persons is required to form a cooperative society, so it's not valid to have 6 members.
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I meant MC meaning management committee of a Coperative housing society in Maharashtra. What is the minimum number of members on the management committee

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Kishan Dutt Kalaskar Retired Judge

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A.Dear Sir,
1. What type of societies can be registered under Societies Registration Act 1960?

The societies related to the promotion of charity,education science,literature or Fine arts,promotion of sports,the instruction and diffusion of knowledge relating to commerce or industry or anyother useful knowledge ,diffusion of political education ,maintenance of libraries, the promotion of conservation and proper use of natural resources may be registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act,1960.

2. What are the basic requirements for the registration of a society?

Name, objectives, Registered office, Memorandum of Association, atleast 7 members are required for registering a society.

3. Whether Trusts can be registered under this Act?

No. Trusts cannot be registered under this Act.

4. How many societies / organizations have been registered in the State so far?

Nearly around 3.55 lakhs different types of societies have been registered in the state of which nearly 52000 of them in Bangalore Urban District alone.

5. What is the amount of fees for Registration of societies and amendment of rules?

For Registering a new society fee is Rs. 1000/- in Bangalore and Rs. 500/- in other places of the State (50% concession in fees is allowed in respect of women and SC/ST societies). for filing of change of name,rules and regulations of amendment of rules – fee is Rs 250/-

6.What is the fee for filing Annual returns under this Act?

For every one lakh rupees of income and expenditure of the society or part there of Rs 100/- has to be remitted as fee to the government.

7. Whether the society has to file the documents with the Registrar every year?

Yes. Each year within 14 days of Annual General body meeting , the society has to file with the Registrar, details of Committee members, Balance sheet, income and expenditure and auditors report issued by chartered Accountant.

8. What happens if a society does not file the above details with the registrar ?

As per section 13 of the Societies Registration Act 1960, every society has to compulsorily file the above details every year. If it fails to do so, for a consecutive period of 5 years , then the Registrar may after giving an opportunity, cancel the registration of such society.

9. Can the Registrar condone the delay in filing the returns?

If the Registrar is satisfied that the reason for delay in filing annual returns is bonafide, then he may condone the delay and permit the society to file such records with fine of Rs 100/ for each belated year.

10.What is the minimum no. of members required for forming a society under this Act?

Min of 7 members above the age of 18 years.

11. Can a society be registered with undesirable names?


12. If the Registrar refuses to register a society, where one has to go for an appeal?

Karnataka Appellate Tribunal.

13. Can Societies registered under this Act be converted in to Trust?

Societies registered under this Act cannot be converted into a Trust.

14. Whether individual members are entitled to receive any profit of the society?


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